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Started: February 2021

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Life Still Goes On

March 3, 2021

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year 1: Half and Half 
The first half is me. The other half, Charles, is two minutes older than me. We share the same mind and, unfortunately, the same interests. Our parents had to buy two sets of toy cars to stop us from destroying the house. 

Year 2: Dream
After watching the old version of Indiana Jones for the nth time, I announced the goal of my life: I wanted to be an archaeologist. The kind who travels to exotic places like Egypt and Scandinavia and dig up human bones. My mom was too nice then to stop me from dreaming about hanging out with Tutankhamun.

Year 3: Birth Tongue. 
Our parents signed us up for piano classes. I never asked, but I knew that music had always been a thing in our family. We both hated it at first, but music then became a language only we understood. 

Year 4: Marking 
"When you turn eighteen, when you're ready, you'll get a second piercing," my mom told me when I first got my ears pierced.
Women in our family had their ears pierced when they were around 3 and again when they were of legal age. I was too young to remember the pain, but when I turn 18, I'll be strong enough to handle it. 

Year 5: Adrenaline
We went to Japan's Disneyland, and though I didn't remember the ride I took, I remember the fear and excitement. I added the second to-do on my empty bucket list, just under "archaeologist:" "go skydiving." 

Year 6: Ashley
"What would our team's name be?" My team's instructor at the summer school I attended in the US prompted. 
"Rainbow Dash!" A blonde girl squealed. I'd never seen someone with blonde hair before. 
"That's a cool name," I complemented her. 
"Do you know 'My Little Pony?'" She said excitedly. 
"You're naming our team after a horse, Ashley? That's stupid." I, who had no idea what a Little Pony is, said. 
I didn't apologize for saying that. I still think of Ashley today. 

Year 7: American
Hungyi glanced over his shoulder. "What you got for English?" 
I smiled bashfully to myself. "The usual." 
"Are you American?" He asked. 
I smiled wider and said nothing. It was a compliment, but I wasn't happy. 
"You're American, aren't you?" Hungyi saw my smile and sounded like he was sure. 
Again, I said nothing. I wished I was, I thought.

Year 8: Standing up
"You're spending half your time falling," Charles pointed out. He was the perfect athlete, and he aced skiing the first time he tried. 
I was really good at sports as well, so of course I didn't back down: "Falling makes perfect, Charly." 
He tilted his head. "You're saying it wrong," he said pointedly. 
"Falling down is cool. And if you can find a way to make failing enjoyable, if you always manage to stand up no matter how hard you're beaten down, nothing can ever stop you. So yeah, falling makes perfect." 
Charles snorted. "Stop it with the philosophical bullshit." 

Year 9: Magic
"You're definitely a Gryffindor," I said to Charles. 
He smiled. "Yeah! The House of heroes!" 
I blinked and shrugged. "But I think villains are cool. If you think carefully, Voldemort was just a boy who wanted to be loved. The world betrayed him first. What he did was understandable." 
"Including killing lots of muggle-born?" Charles challenged. Good point.
"Not saying what he did was right. Just saying he was a great person. Terrible, but great. Quoting Ollivander here." I said. 
Mum was watching us with worry. 

Year 10: Adventure
I became the first kid in our grade to climb up to the roof of our school's gym. Charles took pride in that and became the second to share my glory, despite his fear at heights. 
I felt like I could rule the world. And the fearful stares of my friends made it feel even better. 

Year 11: Crush 
I told my friend Fangtsi about my crush since I was 7: Hongwei, whose English name is Roy. He was as good at English as I was. Days after, Fangtsi ran to me. 
"He said he liked you too!" 
"For real?" 
"Of course!" 
"Why hasn't he come to me yet, then?" 
Later that day, I caught Hongwei staring. I smiled and he walked to me. 
"We're graduating soon," I said. "Happy graduation." 
"I know," he said in English. "thought I'd come and wish you luck." 
"Any last words for me?" I was half-joking. 
"I like you enough to come and wish you luck." He said matter-of-factly. "I don't do that to a lot of people." 
"So Fangtsi did tell you," I said, my face a happy red. 
Hongwei looks confused. "Fangtsi, you said? I haven't seen her in ages." 

Year 12: Faith
I was accepted into a Catholic high school known for its Life Education––a punishment by the military instructors for students who break school rules. Students who skipped classes. Students who didn't tug in their shirts. Students who didn't put on their ties. Students who refused to pray before lunch. 
I had LE once when I wrote an essay with a pencil. 
Horrible as it was, Catholicism became a part of me. 

Year 13: New Beginning
"Your presentation's pretty good, to my surprise," Mia, my new classmate after I transferred to a school where English mattered more than Chinese, said. 
"Thanks, not bad yourself." I said carefully. 
"You know plagiarism isn't allowed anywhere? You could get expelled." She points at my presentation on ancient Egypt. 
What? Everything I put into that presentation was from my head. From years of studying Egypt out of interest. 
"You know what's your problem? You get bitter whenever someone's better than you." 

Year 14: 사랑해
"Is it Edward?" I guessed.
Hong, my Korean friend who didn't speak Chinese, snorted. "Of course not."
"Charly? No, impossible." 
"Why not?" 
"We can't date until we're eighteen." 
"So not Charlie. Mars?" 
It wasn't until me and my half-Canadian friend, Bryan, transformed into their Cupids that they became boyfriend and girlfriend.
"홍이," Hongie,
"네," Yes,
"사랑해.I love you. 

Year 15: Hope
I became more flexible to all ideas and joined in many communities, including Write The World. I began seeing things differently too. I saw how BTS is actually a group of boys who redefined Asian beauty in Western people's views, and how hope and unity are all we need to weather the largest storm of this century. 
This is the story of my life. In case you're wondering, I'm not really familiar with the Korean language yet. I'm still learning! 
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it!


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  • serein

    Aw I loved this! Year 11 was so cute....the way you told it was perfect.
    Also, when I read the title, the first thing I thought of was "life goes on" by BTS, but I assumed you didn't like them until I looked at the footnotes. Haha was it just me or was that on purpose? :)

    2 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    wow. i just love reading these, the rhythm, the way this is written. "I still think of Ashley today." like the way you ended them all was brilliant.

    2 months ago
  • barelybear

    This is great! I love the good-evil twin thing in year 9 haha. I think my favourite was year 6. The whole thing was such a cool look into another culture. I love this website sjsjksks

    And you nearly went on WSJ??! Ahajjajaka it was the best experience of my life, hands down, touch the wood, catch the doubt and throw away the key.
    Are you going to apply for South Korea? I mean you like BTS and the language... that’s gotta be a bonus! I would seriously recommend it — it’s so much fun, especially culture day where you can learn dance, play games and eat foods from other countries (we set up a curry and tea stand in our subcamp lmao). Ach I miss it so much!

    2 months ago
  • SamRose

    Aw, this is so cute! I love it! Good job! :)

    2 months ago