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This is random and probably makes no sense I haven't read it back over..

Random nightime wanderings about our place in history

March 2, 2021


You ever think about the dead empires
The romans the celts the vikings the aztecs the ancient egyptians
You ever think about how one day everything we know will be either mumified or forgotten
You see
To me
(And this metaphor sprang just this minute to my mind)
Our world
(And I mean that in a broad sense, humanitys world, our existence)
Is like a puzzle
A brilliant ginourmous uncomprehendable puzzle 
And piece by piece it is changing, pieces being replaced and destroyed and flipped around until, one day
When we are long dead 
The puzzle of the world we knew will be long gone 
And the new world completely unrecognizable;
The definition of human society is as maluble as time 


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