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feelings fade
when you refuse to set fire
to the little things.

-perry poetry

this is a poet's world (in edit)

March 9, 2021


the uncleansing and poisoned words littered onto pages  
lead to a drowsy mind filled with thoughts no one has heard or seen of;
the darkest creatures in a poet's mind.
an empty wine glass once filled with kool-aid (was a mistake)
left in the sink unwashed and unwanted from the poet's hands
centered with the burning kitchen light that preys away the dark creatures threatening to no longer call you a poet
but a useless romantic
a romantic that writes her atypical heart away
hoping one day it could connect with the veins of another poet
in a lost world full of them
a poet's world that is
designated to find the hidden pieces found in another poet's writings
a world full of secrets that are hidden in between pages of lost ideas and blurted out words
a world with deep intentions
either to make a poet fail in her writings
or to show her the world's expansion of words and imagination
if only a poet's heart would understand
and the creatures that come within 
to find another creature in this illusional world 

it's a poet's afterall.



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  • Nyla

    Awww, I love this and the ending- it really is a poet's world! Just so much beauty out there to see and write about! "threatening to no longer call you a poet/but a useless romantic" lolll but I totally am!! XD no but seriously I love this, the dark creatures being the ones who eat away at poets and "lost world full of them" was just so beautiful! and "a world full of secrets that are hidden in between pages of lost ideas and blurted out words" was both true and poignantly put!
    (also sorry about the so many comments- it wasn't letting me post it all at once!! which was really weird!)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    And awwwww!! Thank you so much!! That totally made me smile so hard!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: And yess!! The 80s was soo awesome! And hahah- she is an AWESOME actress! Tom Holland is too if you know what I mean ;) XDDD ooh and if you’ve watched Enola Holmes- Louis Partridge is *squeal* and yesss Shawn Mendes too!!
    Ooh I want to be a doctor! So I don’t know what I’m doing here writing LOL but I would like to do something with writing or at least take a course or two in Uni cause it’s really interesting and fun!
    What about you?

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Awww thank you so much!! And aww, you’re super sweet as well! And hahah, I don’t think you’ll burn them- there’s so much moisture with the frosting and if you made biscuits (which would burn way easier) yummy then you’ll do great! Although hahah sidetone: one time I was making cake with my friend and we had to get a new stick of butter out and it was frozen solid so I tried to put it in the microwave so I could get the amount I needed. But I kind of forgot that the covering was tinfoil and it set fire! Luckily I realized when I noticed blue sparks in the microwave but haha- you’ll be fine! (Also this was literally in like September loll)

    6 months ago