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-I h☆ve two m☆in stories th☆t I'm working on c☆lled Minor Flaw and For the Love of-

Minor Flaw (side story)

March 2, 2021


    “Cassius,” he didn’t hear her. Volcana strolled the docks, catching up with her brother. 
    Cassius had a depressing aura surrounding him mother would say, “He’s in one of his moods. Let it pass.” Volcana couldn’t let this “mood” pass, she caused it. 
    “Cassius, Cassius!” The goddess reached for his shoulder but withdrew. She forgot how small and meager the brunette was, she could kill him with a single touch. He would come back though she didn't want to mess up the death cycle.
    “Cassius, I’m sorry! I should've kept you out of my plans. Helena is a monster and I’m blind by power!”
    Souls screamed from the dock's waters, trying to reach for the goddess' life. The docks of Thanatos lead every dreadful soul to a fiery doom. Though Thanatos was no more, his work lived in the docks and in Cassius.
    The brunette directed his gaze to the goddess, “I should’ve listened to Fate, no, I should’ve trusted Fate. Their words are always perfect and true. What they say about you sister is that you’re stubborn and can’t handle a change of power!”     Cassius snapped, “I suggest you leave before the tides change with my mood. The doomed want you and I’m tempted to give them a gift” 
    “ ...I could’ve taken her down before she met our dear king.” Volcana averted her gaze.
    “Don’t fool yourself sister.” Cassius gave a sad laugh before he continued, “Helena had strings on Sol’s heart the minute they locked eyes.”
    The two stood in silence until Cassius spoke again, “If Helena catches you, you’ll rue the day you stepped down here.”    
    The goddess acknowledged his statement; fire surrounded her body and she disappeared with a snap of her figure. You would only know the goddess was there by the smell of ash. 
    Cassius knew Helena was a threat to his family’s control but he didn’t care. She could burn in Volcana’s wrath for all he cared. He had to protect his daughter and domain, that’s all.
Cassius and Volcana are two gods in my story Minor Flaw. I felt bad for not posting another part of the story yet, so I wrote this short piece that is set eons before the main story. 


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