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Bull vs Cavs

May 12, 2015

The Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers have always had a rivalry. Their first rivalry began when Michael Jordan was playing basketball for the Bulls in 1980-90s. For a while, it died off until the playoffs this year. The Bulls and the Cavs have been going at it for the last couple of weeks with their impressive skill play in the playoffs. Back when Michael Jordan was on the Bulls, the Cavs were always the team they had to face. “The Cavs always felt if they could just get by the Bulls, they could have gotten to the finals. And to get beat by one key guy every year really hurt." Now, the bulls have Derrick Rose which is one of the of their star players of the Bulls and the Cavs have LeBron James and Kevin Love. They are the best players on the Cavs. Both of the teams have one win against each other in the playoffs, and they both have been working hard to try to win the playoffs.

   I have always been a Bulls fan every since I was a kid and watched the rivalry between these two teams. The Bulls always came out to be the winner of the game or sometimes it would be the Cleveland Cavs. Over the week, I watched the game between these teams and both teams were having a great game. But now the Bulls have had a greater one and the winner went to their team at the end of the game. Now the Bulls have 2 wins and the Cavs have 1 so far. Overall I think that the Bulls and Cavs rivalry that the Bulls will always come off as the winners.




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