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And the years go by.....

March 18, 2021

PROMPT: Year by Year


i learnt what the senses did.
i found peace in my mother's arms,
solace in my father's lap.

i learnt how to chew,
with brand new teeth,
learnt how to walk,
tried to run,
but i fell

i ran, with the wind in my hair
my skirt blew, but i didn't care.
my first tooth came out, earlier than supposed
i lived in the library with my mom
learning to read dora and dr. seuss

we welcomed a baby boy early summer
a miracle wrapped in cotton
i passed out chocolates with my best friend at the hospital that day

there was a boy in my super k,
he shared my love of reading, and would only listen to me
i wish we had kept in touch

i switched schools for the very first time
moving from tiny to huge
i wrote sentences and stories, found out so much about myself
i learnt what i was good at, and what not so much
soccer, dancing, wearing skirts....

i moved back to my first school, 
with only eight people in my class
we played hide and seek on fridays
we put on a play for our parents, momotaro
i was a dog

we moved to india, after my grandfather passed.
then i started school in early june, not late august. 
i made friends on the see-saw
i learnt that i loved being alone

i started the violin, and i hated it
with such a passion
we put up a concert,
i played a duet
rouessaeu's hymn, they called it
i didn't know how to bow to the audience

i became junior school captain, merely nine years old
i went for my first tuition, with my friend
there was a dog living on the short path from home to class
we were terrified of it

i moved again, to another state
my class was small, like i liked it
my teacher was great,
we lost touch.
i started another violin class, and when i performed
i knew how to bow to the audience

i listened as a man played the piano so beautifully, i knew i had to learn
i didn't have any friends yet, not ones i could open up to, so i poured my soul out to music
i joined my school's unofficial band/choir
i won my first inter-school competition
we played la marseillaise
i had a solo
it was wonderful

i got a ukulele for my birthday, something i had always wanted
i had a newfound love for pasta
i realised that i'm fine without a best friend

i ran for house vice captain, and i lost
i didn't mind
instead, i started writing
my friend told me about write the world
i signed up for it, and then i forgot about it
i started a youtube channel
i never took off

i grew, so much
i learnt how much of life i take for granted
i learnt what is important, and what is not
i learnt not simply how to survive (i learnt that fourteen years ago)
but how to live
and i'm still learning.

i'm sorry i disappeared for a few days. this was really personal to write, and made me think. about my old friends, about where my life is going, it brought back a little much. i hope you find happiness here.


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  • Nyla

    Wow! This is beautiful- the ending is so powerful! Are you only 14? Wow! I can't believe you're writing like this now because wow is it amazing! I love how its italicized because it just makes it feel so nice. I love this prompt because it really shows how impactful certain experiences are on a person. This would definitely have been super personal so thank you so much for sharing! I know I would have loved to know others were going through the same thing I was when I was younger and had toxic friends, there's just something comforting and empowering about shared experiences. I also love how you did the violin thing and wrote in one year how you didn't know how to bow and then in another you did- that was really cool to continue with something happening in your life instead of just mentioning it and leaving it! RE: Omg thank you sooo much!! That's literally the best compliment ever! And ooh nice! My school system has just gotten messed up because of COVID so I have math in like a month (it's a super short time period but for the whole day- yes, it is super confusing lol) And ooh nice! Hahah yes! Ooooh I love debates (although I am not that good lol but I looove public speaking) and the outdoors and science! (that's just to name a few I'm interested in so many things it's crazy lol) What about you? :)

    6 months ago
  • doodleninja

    that last stanza is so beautiful! loved your take on this prompt :)

    7 months ago
  • EliathRose

    Replying: Even Zoom meetings can be draining, to be honest. And work is draining, even when there's not much of it -- sometimes just the thought of doing it can be more exhausting than anything. It's also really weird how feeling accomplished and actually accomplishing things are so disconnected. I'm really sorry you're feeling all that, though. Do you think that maybe taking a day/half a day's break from working would kind of help reset your brain and make you feel better when you come back to it?

    7 months ago
  • EliathRose

    Replying: I think that you're so correct. It's easy to lose a sense of self when surrounded by other people and ideas. And oh my gosh, yes, I feel like that a lot. Is it kind of like you're feeling exhausted and overworked and yet you really don't think you've done all that much? Or am I completely missing it?

    7 months ago
  • Lata.B

    This is wonderful! The way you wrote this is beautiful!

    7 months ago
  • wavewriter

    What a beautiful take on this prompt! Just... wow.

    7 months ago
  • SamRose

    Wow I love it! So poetic. :)

    7 months ago