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Writing4Life: The Adams to my King George

My big sis, the potato fanatic and utter genius: Parisienne <3

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An Exploration

March 1, 2021

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year 1: Birth – I always liked to think that I simply burst into the world, a beam of giggling sunlight through the window of our bungalow, which, according to my Mum, I did. Just six weeks early, swaddled in chaos, surprise and a good deal of worry.
Year 2: My sister’s birth – At the tender age of 18 months and 8 days, I discovered a new emotion. Jealousy. Slithering and green, my parents brought it back home one day, swathing a wrinkly pink noise machine. Wow, was I unhappy.
Year 3: The year of freedom – This was mostly spent napping, and in a little red and yellow push car. Here, I expertly employed the 4-year-old strength and eagerness of my brother, who would push me around the garden, squealing like an over-hyped piglet.
Year 4: Reading – Each evening, the three of us would choose a book, and our parents would read them. My brother had started primary school and I was completely fascinated by the scribbles and letters he found there. (Though in fairness, at that point I was also fascinated by potatoes, my mum’s hair, and the kind of smeary paint that took ages to wash out of clothes.)
Year 5: School – I could finally enter the school gates and find out where my brother was picking up all these strange notions like “Maths,” and “Homework.” Mum left me clutching my best best best friend forever (or at least for another year) and trying to recall the letters in my name, should the need arise.
Year 6: My first ballet show – I was a sweet little girl in my flowery dress and ballet shoes. Alas, someone had foolishly handed me their eye shadow, and I had dived straight for the blue, smearing the glittery powder practically up to my eyebrows. Still, when I danced, all you could see was my enormous grin. I kept the dress and wore it all summer.
Year 7: My writing career sparked – Aged 6, I wrote my first novel, a blatant plagiarism of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, entitled, ingeniously, We’re Going on a Robot Hunt. It was, at least, self-illustrated in resplendent colouring pencil.
Year 8: My moment of fame – I was incredibly thrilled and proud to learn that in our Class Assembly, I was to play — yes, it was good — the stick pig. Not the farmer, not the narrator, not the wolf, but the practically titular role of the stick pig. I didn’t let it go to my head.
The next few years were full of discoveries.
Year 9: I began piano lessons – I used to hate practicing, but loved the swirls of the clefs and staves, and the sweet sound as my teacher played.
Year 10: Drama club – Dropping ballet, I switched to a club where I could act, dance and sing, instantly falling head over heels for musicals and theatre.
Year 11: Writing – It was around year 5 in school that I first discovered how much I enjoyed writing. I had always adored forming words and learning, but it was only after a short story task about nostalgia and piano music, and my teacher’s encouraging feedback on it, that I considered pursuing writing outside of school.
Year 12: France – I took a trip to Paris, city of pastry, romance and belles vues. The whole time, I was in jaw-dropped awe of the language, the markets and the beautiful streets. I made a whispered promise as I watched the buildings merge into motorway out of the coach window, to return as a resident one day. Ce sera magnifique.
Year 13: Secondary – Like all things, my time of blissful exploration in a tiny, rural primary school was forced to a halt. I imagined the move into a school where I knew nobody to be like any other natural gathering. I wore my treasured Harry Potter t-shirt, in order to best attract other book-lovers. Just like birds with their calls or pufferfish creating sand patterns, I set out to find a match.
Year 14: My moment of fame, part 2 – I started a diary. I was utterly convinced I would be the next Samuel Pepys. To help these future people, I made sure to add in all the important bits, like the political situation, how the daily world functioned, my opinions on stuffed crust pizzas. That kind of thing.
Year 15: The World Scout Jamboree – Thousands of scouts, with almost every background and culture imaginable were suddenly all packed into the opening ceremony in West Virginia, laughing, screaming, marvelling at how so many people could be so simply united for one cause. I also ate a ton of Lucky Charms (I’d never seen them in the UK and got a little excited about having marshmallows for breakfast).
Year 16: The pandemic – Going through lockdown was an unfortunate but important part of my life, though mostly a blur of online lessons, pasta and scrolling through memories. However, one moment that has stuck with me occurred just as restrictions eased a little in the UK. Two friends and I headed straight for a beach in Wales, armed with sandwiches, mango and a surfboard. It was crazily freezing (British September gives such a cruel facade of warmth — do not fall for it!) but we had the best reunion, chatting with the salty breeze hanging over us and the deep, enchanting sea.
Year 17: The jigsaw – That’s this year. I say it’s a jigsaw partly because it’s been a cluttered heap of pieces: school, home, writing, baking, with the lachrymose tug of loneliness underlying it all. But also because it’s not finished yet. There’s something satisfying in the adventure of a jigsaw, of turning the box upside-down so you can’t see the full picture; there’s some crazy freedom of running off the rails and clinging to the hope of reaching your destination anyway. What if all the blue I’m seeing now turns out to be part of a rainbow, or a stunning skyscape of stars? Just like in We’re Going on a Bear/ Robot Hunt, sometimes, we just have to go through.  


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  • SunV

    Ahhh I'm able to comment! I had some issues with commenting, so I'm going to paste the first part of the comment here (read this first)
    yes mitr is right!!
    Okay so I did a quick google and for the first time realised jumpers and onsies were not the same thing. I just though onsies were the cute on pieces babies wore, and jumpers were the same things (with cut out footholes) for, well not babies. But yes, if you want to, you can wear a jumper in India. If you live in a costal area, good luck to you *tips non-existent sailors hat*

    2 months ago
  • SunV

    It does get cold, but mainly in the northern states, which have more of an extreme climate. I live in the South, where it's majorly hot year round.... So here we have three-ish seasons, where I live: Summer, which lasts March to Mid-June, Monsoon, which is Mid-June to October, and Winter, which is just the rest of the year. Winter's are the most pleasant to most, because it doesn't rain, but isn't extremely hot. Summers are deadly (jkjk, but they're really hot) and monsoon it just keeps raining.
    Yes yes street vendors are amazing. You will come, and we will eat, and then we'll go to Australia and watch Ruth in a play (oh my I love musical theatre but I have two left feet and no exposure to theatre in India) and I'll also try acting and then I'll fail miserably and you and Ruth will come to save me. And then we'll go to Britain and eat everything (I also really want to taste Pasta in Italy) and we also need to visit any place scenic (start planning, I will come before I die)
    lol so I was talking to my mom and she was like 'why don't you do a house swap? She stays at your house for two months, and you stay at hers' XD but on a real note, we should.
    I will roll you down all the hills (though I live in a plain area) and through all the tunnels until we reach our final destination! 

    2 months ago
  • nadyagarza

    Wow!! This was so wonderfully told! And I love the way it's written! I'd love to go to the U.K. one day. re: thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it

    4 months ago
  • In Which Yaya Writes

    Wow, I love this so much!! You did great! That story about, "Going on a Robot Hunt," was so funny! Great job, and thanks for the example!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    This was awesome! I love your descriptions and the humour you work in! Also no way, I had a little red and yellow push car when I was 3 as well!!! This part, "I set out to find a match" was my favourite LOLL! Omg ahhh I want to go to Wales so bad! It looks so beautiful! Lucky! And I adore how you compared your current age to a jigsaw!! That was amazing and I love the way you wrote it!
    RE: HAHAHAH, loll! I agree that the word is a delight to say but I mean come on, British words are normally so posh and proper and then you throw in WeLlIeS!! (Loll that looks so bad cause of the i and l next to each other) and omg loll wait what? I’ve never heard of that- omg wait- I just searched it up- it’s a real thing?? Omg!! And haha loll, if she saw me she def would have done something! And awwww thank you so much!! You’re so so sweet!! You’re so incredibly talented as well (and I am not just saying that to return the pleasantry)!!! <3

    6 months ago
  • gabimarie

    this is so good! its inspired me to write for this challenge too! also, in your message board you said you like writing reviews; could you write one for me? it honestly doesn't matter which piece; i would just like to know where i can improve on anything. thank you so much :)

    6 months ago
  • beth r.

    i love how this is funny and makes me think. gorgeous work!
    Drama club- lol I remember those dayssss
    re: 1. lol I do the same tho
    2. totally go for it!! tea is good XD

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    Wow Eloise I love what you did with this! (sorry it took so long for me to finally check it out haha) I especially like the last one. And also when I was thirteen I thought the same thing about my journal! We read the diary of Anne Frank at school and I totally thought someone would find my diary in the future one day and I would be famous! haha

    6 months ago
  • birthdaycandles

    woah reading about that red and yellow car really unlocked a memory for me ahaha

    6 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    wow. there are so many things i could comment on, but i'll just say: the flow and feel of this was lovely. i felt comfortably immersed in your life story.<3

    7 months ago
  • AugustLiao24601

    God, you went to World Scout Jamboree? If I were a few days older, I would be there too!

    7 months ago
  • Zirong

    Awww I love this so much — especially the last part and how you link it back to the first novel you wrote in the end :)

    7 months ago
  • SamRose

    Wow I love it! We have so much in common. :) I love theater. And my first novel was also totally a plagiarism, but it was sort of a much longer version of one of my favorite short stories. Featuring, (what else?) A princess. And... wait for it... a pony. XD

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: yup. ahah same, except i need to add ice cream to that chocolate chip, cookie dough, and cookies and cream are just, perfect :D
    oh and sorbet and gelato flavors, those are so good too

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: i'm currently eating cookies for breakfast ;) doesn't live up to a fresh croissant either, though. (these conversations always seem to amount to something random haha)

    7 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: *frantically searches brain for appropriate quote then fails* Yes that sounds perfect UwU *le gasp* Methinks it tis! Oh tho one last question, what format should we use? Like should I say, The King George to my Adams: barelybear? Or, barelybear: The King George to my Adams? And should we put it in bio or message box? I'm thinking message box?

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: mhm :D (i totally haven't done that)
    samee. forget what i said before, for me, pastries are the best. my grandparents' town has a really good bakery. there are macarons, cannolis, croissants...

    7 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Re- AW yes so true!!
    Hahaha omg I just watched that and I love it!!

    7 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: OK so we're doing adams and k george. I honestly don't mind which way. Do you have a preference? Ohhh I've always wanted to go thereeee. OHMYGOSH me too! Especially since I'm homeschooled; tbh I just loved the thought of being able to eat their food all day. Yeahhhh but I'm not exactly allowed. I'll probs watch it when I'm older tho :)

    7 months ago
  • Lata.B

    rE- yes I try to fake the answers to be a smart Ravenclaw but haha nope!
    I know!! Draco just wants to be known. He is just jealous, he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Plus something that proves this fact was when Harry Ron and Hermoinie (I spelled that wrong) were at like found in the woods and when Bellatrix asked Draco if it was Harry...he said He wasn't sure EVEN THO HE SURELY KNEW!
    I love Draco he's so misunderstood!
    Hahaha No, I actually haven't.
    Oh HAH that is so cool! Aww I see photos on pintrest of that and Im in awe.

    7 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Paris* oops

    7 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Ok aww!! You wrote your years so wonderfully! Pairs Is superrrr cool tho!! I wishhh

    Re- EXACTLY!! Poor Draco isn't evil. His family was and he was mean to harry but haha that's just harry's point of view at the story. What if Draco was jelly of Harry being so famous or having closer friends yk?
    AHHHA yes Neville!

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: thank you! ikr, the start pulled me in right away, i knew i'd love was hard for me to stop reading, i had a little debate about whether i should continue or be responsible and get hw done. sigh, priorities. i'm probably gonna finish it today or tmrw tho.
    yeah haha, our first time going to france for the whole summer, my mom came and had to go to paris for three weeks for work, but she could only take one of us. and so mY bRoThEr went. i'm wasn't actually mad about it because i loved spending time with my grandparents, but i still really want to go someday (hopefully soon). yup, lucky charms, fruit loops, cocoa puffs, we have lots of sugary cereal...tho the marshmallows beat all else for me lol

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    paris?! ur so lucky. i've never actually been, although my brother has. i remember reading we're going on a bear hunt sometime...and hehe lucky charms are really good, despite my mom's objections.
    ah yes, the best friend forever, until next year...during preschool just about every friend i made was my ''best friend'', and i'm totally disconnected to all but one now XD. this all probably sounds rant-ish so next order of business-
    i actually started reading code name verity a couple of days ago, i haven't gotten enough time to finish it yet bc school is taking up 80% of my time lol, but it's so so good.

    7 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Ok shall we do something Hamilton themed? (OHMYGOSH YOU WENT TO PARIS???? YOU LUCKY BEAN!) Maybe like...the Eliza to my Alexander? The Adams to my King George? Also YAS all my old stories were SO plagiarized! I wrote so many spin-offs of Enid Blyton, you wouldn't believe it. Also Beth R votes for crabbe & goyle, but I haven't seen Harry Potter lol

    7 months ago