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howdy i hate george orwell and fucking love adjectives! also extremely sarcastic and and obsessed with big words and classic literature

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hi first time publishing please be gentle yes i am aware it is not at all gramatically sound but oh the price i must pay to sound like a depressed modern goodwill version emily brontë just kidding im overrating myself thanks for reading!

because i hate ghosts.

April 21, 2021


why are people afraid of the dark? what do they think they see in the chasm that terrifies them? all the harsh words and unspoken truths hang in the balance. it takes you back to a parent screaming, a child promising to be different.

because if we aren't different, what are we?

a chain link fence of glass minds shattering and of truths unbound, following the thread of despair back to The Beginning. trapped in a circle of lies and broken promises that scream to be heard, silenced by their owners for piece of mind.

because if we are what we hate, what will we become?

humanity saved, crisis averted, go back to sleep and never turn out the light. the darkness of night full of the spirits of the past pushed to the back of our minds, to be dealt with another day. stumble in the dark find the candle light the match.

because if we don't remember now, will we ever?

never be afraid of the dark. peer inside and see the light glinting off the mirror reflecting you and your glory and passion. so grab the lighter find the flame and promise me that you will light the world on fire.

because i hate ghosts.



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  • Nyla

    Oh wow, I really like this! The questions add a ton of depth and the whole piece is very thought-provoking. I especially love the last line and how you end off on a high note!
    RE: Awww you're so sweet! I'm so glad you liked it :)

    5 months ago