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"The Told Secret"

March 14, 2021

     Many people say that to live is to suffer.  Poverty, discrimination, and nowadays, the pandemic: these are what we experience right? Imagine a little thing about 0.003% the size of a sesame seed (which is the SARS-COV-2, according to my calculation) that controls the world! Many of us strive to live in a world of peace and joy. But remember, the things above have depressed and saddened many and most people seek comfort from it. I believe that to change the world, we don't need a diamond exoplanet that will make us all rich, or a golden house to live in, or wearing clothes that are made by the rarest and purest diamond ever. We don't live in fantasy, however, we can seek the best things in this world if we fill everything with morals. Morals are the told secret. Morals are the key to every problem around the world that can be easily seen anywhere, but most people don't see it.  That is the sad reality nowadays. Go outside, aren't you frightened? But for me, you should be. Besides the issues mentioned above, crimes like murder and stealing are spread throughout the world. Didn't those people involved in those acts know morals? I believe they do, but not apply it. How can we change the world by morals if not all apply it?

     Let's give Venezuela as an example. According to the website of World Population Review, they have a crime index of 84.36, which is the highest in the world. However, according to the Macro Trends site, their literacy rate is ranging from 90 percent to above from the last decade. What does this imply? The level of your attained education doesn't define who you are. High literacy rates mean a good level of education. Even you know to spell every single word written in the whole human civilization, or encoding systems that can make people reach the other galaxies, bad morals make the world unsuccessful. No one is safe until everyone is safe. Discipline, unity, love, and care are the most important elements of a successful world. If everyone treated people with care and love, there will be no discrimination. If everyone had good morals, then we will be safe! If everyone united in one thing, then we can easily change the world. In this way, we can see the silver lining of everyday life.

     One of the facets of morals is what we call discipline. Discipline, does everyone have it? I don't believe so. Imagine that in the Philippines alone, about 10% or 4.5 million people lose their jobs due to the pandemic. Even nowadays that the quarantine is lighter, they are at risk. They are like unarmed soldiers in a great war and like plants in the middle of the desert. Why did I mention that? Because their work is based on the situation nowadays. People don't mainly unite in properly wearing face masks and face shields; how does the pandemic will end? If cases rose, they will not be able to work again. In those simple things that people can't understand, how much more the greater issues we have in our world? We can't deny that our world is a scary place. It is not because nature attacks us, but mortal humans attack each other. There should be one clear path for all of us to walk on, but those people make it "tangled" and hard for people to decide which way they will go. 

     According to Allan Bloom, "Education is the movement from darkness to light."  I agree with this, that the best way to solve world problems and improve the quality of life here in this world is to educate people. There are many types of people, many perspectives, and many ideas. Let's have the point-of-view of a criminal. Some say it is hard to renew their lives because they are used to it already. Just imagine being a doctor. You can't be an opthalmologist if you study medicine. The same way works in education. One strategy will not be effective for the billions of people who live in this world. Instead, I suggest that philosophers and teachers should think of a way that will motivate people to be united with each other. They should teach the new generation of things that will unite people so when they grow up, it will be applied to them then. I believe that opposing point-of-views can be changed if it is done properly; this will cause a massive change in our society. Also, why not apply the Socratic Method? Socratic Method of Socrates (a philosopher) is also known as the art of questioning. You ask and ask until you are enlightened. It makes us radically think and go back to the basics. Why should I learn? How can I learn? Can I unite with the world? Can it make the world more peaceful? What is peace? These questions give us the impression of the real meaning of life. Progressing, even slowly, is still progress. It makes time for criminals to be good, but good strategies that are compatible with them will be good.

     Discipline, education, safety, peace, and unity: that is what we want. How do we get these? Morals. We have such many proofs for that. Even we can't reach perfection, but we can reach the best kind of this world. I hope that many people will be influenced by this idea because knowledge is not useful without applying it to your life. For example, we know how dangerous outside but we don't wear a face mask then, is it acceptable? Even you know what are discipline, unity, and other more, it is useless imagining it without doing something to make it happen. You, as a part of this rapid-growing world, do you know the told secret? If you know, do you have it? Remember, you can't give what you have; you can't make a dream come true if you just dream for it.
All of what I stated is based from the reality of life I see nowadays. The essay is exactly a thousand words, title excluded. Thank you for the peer review and I'm so delighted to be able to join competitions like this. I really hope to win, also to give the price to my mother. Stay safe!


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  • Nyla

    RE: Awww thank you so much!! Your comment was so sweet! Of course- if you have any questions about WTW don't hesitate to ask! And you too :)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    I love the whole idea of this piece, morals are really important and you did really good in giving examples. I also love the beginning with how you showed that something so small is running the world- that really caught my attention. My favourite line was " No one is safe until everyone is safe. " because it's so true! Also, I'm not sure if you know this yet (and if you do, you can ignore this) but to respond to someone, you go onto one of their posts and comment "Re:" and then your message. That's the only way someone will get a notification. I know- I found it so weird when I joined too! Hope that helped :) I would totally have done a peer review but I only saw this now when the contest is closed! If for the future you ever need a review for anything- leave a comment on one of my posts and I'll definitely give one :)
    Also that's so sweet you would give the money to your mum- good luck :)

    6 months ago
  • jacqdanielmf

    Hi Caleb! I'm currently revising my English poems as I completed revising my Filipino poems. I'm more used to be writing Filipino poems than English ones

    6 months ago
  • solarflair

    hiya! welcome to wtw. hope you win :)

    also can i see some of your poetry?

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is outstanding and your words just are so lovely and impactful. Your writing will definitely change the world!

    7 months ago