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Everyone is welcome here!! ALL beliefs or arguments, can be spoken without judgment! I will respect everything you have to say! :D I love you guys!! <3

I’m the treasurer for the Cult of the Crunch, lead by (sk)eyesofocher (contact her for details!) :D

And please check out my IRL friend SamRose (She is really good writer!) I’m also collaborating with writergirl79! XD check out or story ‘Star Keepers’ :)

ATTENTION! If you are writing for the food comp I would love to write a review for you or help you in any way! :) Good luck to all of you!

Me in threes

March 12, 2021


  1. Three quirks. I like to do many things at once, such as texting and showering while listening to a book. XD You can ask SamRose that it is really hard to read my texts when I do that. XD I like to sing off key. And I like to laugh at myself because of the weirdest things. 
  2. Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual). AIM, (my homeschool co-op). The LDS church. And now a crouton cult that (sk)eyesofocher made on WtW XD (You should join!)
  3. Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you. Kind, Funny, weird. 
  4. Three adjectives your family would use. Creative, stubborn, funny (again) 
  5. Three adjectives you would use. Practical, smart, confidant. 
  6. Three things about you that very few people know. I like to sit outside on our front porch and watch my dog play outside. I love trying to make myself better at things for no real reason, like how I try to hold my breath for a really long time, just so I can. And I can do the splits. 
  7. Three beliefs you hold. I believe in inspiring your peers, I believe that it takes two to fight, and i believe that with the right motivation anyone can do anything. 
  8. Three questions you have. Why do people like cry while listening to sad songs? why do people like to eat bugs? And why is it awkward to pass someone on the sidewalk? 
  9. Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual. I can shake my eyes really fast while cross eyed. I have really small feet, I can wear my little sisters shoes. And i have a really good fashion sense. ;)
  10. Three specific physical descriptions (the particular shape of your front teeth, the color of your palms, the curve of your spine). I have curly strawberry-blond hair that looks brown in certain lighting. I have baud shoulders (Thanks Dad) which makes it really hard to find clothes that look good on me, and it makes some clothing make me look big. And I have big bright blue eyes. 
  11. Three flaws. My hair likes to take any shape, so when I sleep with wet hair it is a nightmare! I don't have the best eyesight but bad enough that I need glasses. And I have really small toe nails. 
  12. Three favorites. Books, magical things, and miniatures (for some weird reason they are just so cute!)
  13. Three pet peeves. When people assume things, eating with your mouth open, bad moods. 
  14. Three instincts that serve you well. I can run pretty well, I'm Moderate strong. And im really good at swimming. 
  15.  Three sources of comfort. Reading, writing, and my dog. (Odin) 
I never got to write something for this prompt but i really like it so i did it anyway. XD Some of these things i don't really talk to people about (Save my friend Samantha @SamRose) I am usually just a private person. (Mostly because no one understands me very well) Well thanks for reading this piece! And i hope you have a wonderful day/night! 


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  • Ava Marie

    Here is my email:
    Also, you seem like a really cool person!

    25 days ago
  • aiyanna

    Okay, I completely agree, miniatures are fantastic and no one will ever make me think otherwise lol.

    2 months ago