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April 12, 2021

PROMPT: Self-Love

When I was interviewing a pair of senior students for the school newspaper, I was shook. This girl's eyes were bright green. I've never talked to someone with such pretty eyes before. The creative writer in me almost wanted to take a picture of her to add to my inspiration board because this random girl I've never talked before that day had the exact kind of eye color I envisioned for a character that has lived in my mind for years. A green that was so shocking that no one could look away from. I bring this up because this encounter makes me wonder what people see when they look at me.

I'm actually terrible at making eye-contact with people I'm not close with. As you might imagine, it's somewhat of a problem in the middle of a pandemic where everyone is wearing masks, hiding all facial features except the eyes. Being subjected to another person's gaze or being the center of attention makes me fidget and squirm. If the eyes are really the window to the soul then I'm worried what someone might see if they stare hard enough. I don't think I want people to know what's there. I don't even know what's in there.

And then one day, there was someone saw into me. For every student's birthday, my teacher will tell the class what she thinks about this person (never anything bad of course). On mine, she stood in the middle of the class and said. "Cactus is like the deep waters of the ocean. Depending on how far you see and get to know her, the more you see." 

The ocean holds a lot of wonders and mystery, right? There could be treasure, undiscovered species, and everything in between.

Instead of fearing what people can see in my eyes, I'm now curious. How much can someone see in my eyes? 

What do you see in your eyes?
my real name isn't Cactus btw lol
this is actually a mind dump from two months ago about just one thing but i thought it was something that fit under this prompt of self-love


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  • Nyla

    I love how you start right at the beginning with this story- it's like the reader gets a sense of why the incident later was so important. (which btw, awww your teacher is so nice!) The way your mindset changed- I think that's really sweet and ooh, the last question- now I have to think? XD But in all seriousness, I love ending off on a question, it's awesome!

    5 months ago