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It's at times like this that I realise how entertaining my life would be if it were a sitcom. The idea's growing on me.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated <3

Saturday Afternoons

March 5, 2021


Ah, Saturdays. 
Waking up at 7:30 am, a rabble of undesirable snakes (far too volatile to be considered butterflies) mauled my stomach, because in 5 hours I'd be- disgustingly- going on a 'date'. Three hours after that my friends would rally around me either in sympathy or congratulations. Unfortunately, it wasn't up to me which it would be, but a good-looking dark-haired boy called Harry who’d instigated the rendezvous. 
Thankfully, either outcome included furtively procured alcohol, so it couldn’t be all bad. 
How wrong I was.
Naive to the horrors that could accompany the burned-coffee smell permeating every commercial chain; ignorant of the sticky bile of neon-green drinks in our throats that we drank despite knowing that anything likely to glow under UV light or spelt with a 'z' shouldn’t be consumed.
Dressed in the intrinsically teenage attire of Jeans-and-a-Nice-Top with no consideration for the weather, I was up and ready by 8:00. So I waited. And waited. Then waited a bit more until the metaphorical and literal clock struck 12., and, in an instant, the door was slamming behind me. 

Harry and I meandered towards a cafe, me trying to talk about rugby, books, Netflix... everything, really, while he stoically discussed anything but. Chivalrously, though, he bought my drink and we hid from the biting cold. Numerous times I tried to do the Thing where you accidentally knock knees or touch shoulders- I know, I'm skilled in the flirtation department. 
After a few hours, we said our goodbyes. I reached for a hug... he presented a fistbump. Ouch. Less skilled than I'd thought. 
Thankfully, my embarrassment was short-lived due to the arrival of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Darcy and Sophia, also wildly inappropriately dressed for November. Very quickly, we got very... happy. 
Gleefully, we staggered up hills, tears of wind and laughter streaming, and rolled down them, unsuccessfully feigning soberness whenever small children were present. We made several trips to the Morrisons toilets, then several more, and then one last trip because I had begun crave chicken. It was then, as I stood talking to Darcy, I'd realised she’d left. Unperturbed, I excitedly bought chicken in a very sober manner, thanking the worker profusely and only tripping up twice. They didn't suspect a thing. 

Catching sight of my friends I sprinted after them, elatedly waving the greasy bag high above my head like the Calcutta Cup. 
"Oi!" I'd shouted, "Chicken! Got it!"

It was then I turned around and locked eyes with my history teacher.

He grimaced, and rather than saying something to possibly rescue us from this calamity... we ran. We stayed at Sophia's house, refusing to believe anything had happened until Monday rolled around and the aforementioned teacher said, "you can say hello to me, you know?" and we all nodded and promised we would, and unanimously agreed we would not. 
We couldn’t look him in the eye for weeks.

Oh, and Harry thought I’m a lovely girl but that we’re better off as friends, y’know?


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  • anemoia (#words)

    re: aw thank you! i'm flattered *laughs awkwardly*
    that's pretty crazy and cool! i'd love to see more of them. maybe you could write scripts and do like short films/videos!
    I appreciate your comment so much! the lines "cheap perfume / and expensive wine" were stuck in my head for some reason, so i went from there. ;) yeah, i don't think i could do non-happy endings, or at least hopeful endings. yeah, hopeful. it doesn't have to be happy, per se, but it can't be miserable or downright depressing. for me, at least.

    about 2 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    BECAUSE THIS WOULD MAKE SUCH A GOOD SITCOM. ALSO I LOVE YOUR DRY HUMOR AND WRITING STYLE and why am i shouting? whoops, it was just so well-written and entertaining!

    about 2 months ago
  • •TheVictoriousOne•

    oh well frick harry (*^_^*) also imagine how awkward it would be meeting a teacher in public 0-0

    about 2 months ago