souled out


❝your laugh is
heaven to me.❞


i'm souled out.

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they ask you to be the hero, their precious chosen one, to be forever captured on a twisted throne of gold, draped in a cloak that's soaked with blood, crowned with a circlet of bone. to accept their praise, their prophecy, their hopes and dreams, is to allow yourself to be shackled to this plane of existence for eternity. your life is no longer your past, only the expectations of others. to be the hero is to put lives above your own, the greater good above those you love. there is no winning for a hero. for a hero, there is only pain.

but i no longer remember why i said i love you

February 27, 2021


looking at you
across the room,
fantasizing about
what we never could be,
i wonder where we
went wrong this time.

was it the late nights
eating popcorn as
i named all the stars for you?
was it the mornings
spent making horrible pancakes
and you laughing as i
burned the spaghetti for the fifth time?
was it the afternoons
at the beach with sand
caking our legs
as we kicked water at each other?

this world was too harsh,
too this or too that
for either of us to linger in,
yet we sought comfort in someone
who gazed the earth
through the same eyes.
was that our failure?
was that where we failed?

i think it's about time
we stopped indulging in this fantasy,
this happily-ever-after where
we get back together.

i pick up my stuff
and walk away.


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