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16- they/them/her-practices le magick- going through a lot so weird writing- poet -singer/ songwriter -also my name means idyllically innocent, simple and untroubled by fear or worry

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don't pretend to be anyone else and don't lie to anyone especially not yourself so if u have something to say then say it at least its out there. - p

The Flames I Hate

February 27, 2021


Through meadows of fire i floated.
Gazing, gawping into the long distance,
oblivious to what i would see.

The heat was tantalising-

-but lonely,
i was the fire,
i am the fire.
Everything around me was beautiful. . .

Now Look:
It's all ash, smouldered and burning.
but at least i'm warm



Through alps He climbed.
Cold, scared.
He always knew where he was;
Where He'd go.

But how?!

He had no map, no compass-
He could not see through the blizzard. . .
Yet He always knew.

He was the ice and the snow,
cold and crisp,

Yet He was never truly lonely,
There was always someone there. . .


One day We met and there We stayed.
For a Year and 2 Months,
We were always there- but were We?

You would cool me down,
i would warm You all the time.

And im sorry you started melting away while i was buring:
i was on fire, yet i can't say never again-
i will always burn and every time you melted you would hide.
You thought you weren't melting but you could not Hide 
and i could see even through your pride.
i ran and now i'm crying at your freedom from my flames;
you were at their mercy, at mine
but i long to feel your cold yearn to feel like i did. . .

i'll never forgive nor forget what these flames did
but i fucking wish you would now you see,

even your words i miss,
your mocking, teasing and love.

i thought i lit the way for you,
and you did too. . .
turns out i did, and so much more
if only i were a torch or a tent
if only...


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  • Molly_

    Re; thank you so much! I've only just remembered writing and/or posting it, but thank you!

    Also, this piece is brilliant- it's so socially aware and harrowing :(

    about 2 months ago