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A Beautiful Butterfly

October 8, 2016

    All walks of life. One in many drops of rain in a storm, stars in the suburban sky, gusts in a tornado.

    I'm saying this because I have two supercalifragilisticexpialidocious friends of my own, and although we might not get along 24/7, they are still one of the best things that have ever happened to me.
    A friendship is a speck of dust in an abandoned house, bountiful as the showers that fall during monsoon. Millions and trillions of friendships develop in such an astoundingly beautiful manner that it never ceases to impress me.

    Nevertheless, friendships are also the vibrant wings of butterflies, just one tiny pinch, and they snap. Broken, forgotten, deserted. False rumours passed around, wafting through the air like petrichor after rain, creating tension so thick you could cut through it with a butter knife. Drifting apart. Just. Like. That.
    Secrets, lies, terrible, horrible, consequences. This is what causes the butterfly to fall to the ground, the once vibrant colours of its wings slowly draining out of it, followed by its life.
    Why let this happen?

    Trust, respect, honesty. This is nectar to a butterfly, key foundation to a friendship. Creed and colour tossed out of the window, and all that is left is the inner beauty and simplicity of each other. 

    A true friend backs you up, supports you no matter what. Don't think twice, just act. Providing a sense of security, confidence even. That, is what a true friend is. Someone who radiates unconditional love.

    Being a huge fan of Tumblr, I have recently come across this saying: "Best friends know how crazy you are, and still choose to be seen with you in public." That might have been one of the truest phrases I have ever seen, or heard for that matter. My friends are mad as a hatter. I mean, who falls onto the ground of the local shopping mall laughing their heart out? My best friends, that's who.

    Speaking from experience, true friends stand by your side, being the moonlight in an eerie forest, guiding you through the pathway of life whenever you need it. Nobody loses friends, ever. At times, they just realise who the real ones are. However, other so-called "friends" are like shadows, they follow you in the dark, but leave you when darkness dawns over you.

    Don't be surprised when someone walks up to you, and almost instantly, you grin like the Cheshire Cat. Once you realise that, you've found your other half. 


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