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Forever Intertwined (Oh, My) [Wedding Song]

February 28, 2021



Oh, my
Didn't know I would feel like this
Never realized how incredible this day is

Oh, my
What can I even say
To express how I feel today

Oh, my
The way you're smiling at me
Your face is all I can see

Oh, my
Look at how far we've come
On this journey of relentless love

Oh, my
I can't get it out of my mind
I'm really yours for the rest of our lives
Forever intertwined

Oh, my
This life on earth, I've committed to you
To have and to hold, oh, God always knew
Forever intertwined

Oh, my
You're lighting up the room
Just like you always do

Oh, my
I'll fight the good fight with you by my side
We'll run this race until we arrive

At the gates of heaven
Where we'll walk beside the King
And we'll look back and thank Him
For this life He gave
Forever intertwined

Oh, my
In sickness and in health, I'm here
For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, don't fear
To love and to cherish
Till death do us part
Forever Intertwined

Love is patient, love is kind
Does not envy, nor does it boast, nor is it proud
Does not dishonor, not self-seeking
Not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs
Love rejoices with truth, not delighting in evil
Love always protects
Love always trusts
Love always hopes
Love always perseveres
Love never fails

Forever intertwined
Scripture paraphrased from The Holy Bible, New International Version. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a.

This came to me suddenly. It's a wedding song, in my mind, somewhat slow, but sweet and simple and traditional. Maybe a first dance song. The reason the structure is a bit different is because... well, because I'm thinking of it as a traditional wedding song. And who needs definite pre-choruses and bridges and all that? XD I don't exactly know how I want to sound, but the "oh, my" part is kind of like the "So sue me" line in Sabrina Carpenter's song "Sue Me,"  except drop down at the end a little instead of going up. 

Bold - male part
Italics - female part
Regular - together


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