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i'm secretly not so secretly addicted to pop-punk and all things guitar/piano/drums.

also remember to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and don't skip meals! :) (although who am I kidding, who even sleeps anymore?)

also, i read an unhealthy amount, so leave any book suggestions in the comments :)

"I'd rather be hated for what I am than be loved for what I'm not" ~ Jack Avery

enjoy :)


February 26, 2021


    You know the feeling. When you’re at home by yourself; your brother and dad at Boy Scouts, your sister at soccer practice, your mom at the store. It’s like the house is creaking on purpose. It’s like your dog knows something you don’t. 
    The feeling gets to be too much sometimes, so I’ll play my Spotify and crank the speakers. I cringe when I remember that most of my neighbors probably won’t like hearing “The Eulogy of You and Me” for the tenth time, but I don’t dare turn it down. The music is a barrier, daring a murderer to just try and come into my house. I stare at my phone, trying to decide if Facetiming my friend would be too much. I check the door again, just making sure I locked it. Okay, so, no murderer. 
    Shit, I think, what if it’s like that tv show I saw and they can walk through walls and ohmygod ohmygod I’m so screwed. I bit my lip and immediately change the song to something a little less teen-angsty. Maybe when the murderer comes to kill me and they hear “Apricots”, they’ll leave me alone. Like an offering, like the lamb’s blood for Passover.
a stream of consciousness from the day after i watched the blair witch project and then was home alone for a couple hours. yes, please enjoy my pain and terror, you weirdos :)


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  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    Re: Your comment really made my day. I was completely caught of guard by your sweet words. I really really appreciate it!

    2 months ago
  • cloudi

    re: yes! that's what friends are for :)

    2 months ago
  • Livsnjutare

    This is so true! I live in a town house complex and when I am home alone I get so scared someone is stomping don my stairs, even though it is just my neighbors . . . lol
    Great piece!

    2 months ago