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nothing is real
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Message to Readers

me and rha= masters of procrastinating and pretending we live in the 1800s
rha posted the first one of these emails, i saw it, thought 'what a great way to procrastinate' so published my response
go check her one out; its more poetic
we spammed each other with letter/emails all through online school yesterday...
anyway hope you enjoy
my bestie, encapsulated_emotions, is amazing

online school emails//a hand written letter in response to my best friend

February 26, 2021


My dearest friend Rha
it was a true pleasure to read a salutation from you written in such a dignified and poetical manner. I must admit my heart leapt at every outlandish adjective and I was really rather blessed to read such a literary letter. Alas! I am attempting to put pen to paper and write that god-forsaken English essay, but no inspiration has struck me yet, like a bolt from the blue, as I pen this. I do, like you, long for summer, and to be transfused once more with the sun and the books and the timelessness of freedom, rather than the timelessness of perpetual school, perpetual procrastination, perpetual agony.
now, I must admit my dearest Rha, I have spent to long on this brief greeting, and my essay calls to me pitifully
I shall take my leave, I heartily pray and wish you have a day befitting the beauty of your soul
fare thee well


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  • February 26, 2021 - 5:48am (Now Viewing)

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  • encapsulated_emotions

    we are best friend goals!!! and possibly slightly mentally deranged...

    7 months ago