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stop pretending, stop caring forget everything and that is when you will truely live and the only time you will too...

the water; i miss

February 26, 2021


on fire i burn higher brighter still
and your in the sea just below the surface 

if i hold you hand for a while it would hurt us both 
but we'd both survive
a kiss is the same since we survived 

but if we try to hug, to stay together for too long 
wed die, unravel 

it would be our demise 

yet i dont stop longing for your embrace for our future for your grace .

so you swim back and i burn higher, brighter yet i am never still
you carry on and forget i hold on and go crazy 

my crime is my heart,
shriveled up and cold
hardened by the fire i am 

it felt and now it hurts,
for i know it will never feel more again... 


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