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the good times & the bad ones

February 25, 2021


At the end of the night,
We light a fire
    That will continue to burn
It wasn’t a part of the plan
And neither was walking on the edge of anxiety’s ledge
But here we are
Because we did it for the hell of it
You told me
“Follow your heart”
    But I can’t hear what it’s saying
Over the look in your eyes
All my inspiration comes
From thinking about you
You had my attention
    Had me wanting more
I’m in the palm of your hand
    Not even thinking twice
Why do I love this feeling
    Of adrenaline
Why do I only love my name
    When you’re saying it?
We didn’t understand
    But now we know
Because you’re my muse
    And I’m your validation
        In what everyone is saying

When it’s the end of the night
All said and done
I’ll ask myself
    “If I knew you weren’t good for me,
Then why do I want you back?”
    “Was it easy to let me go?”
And then I’ll turn back time
Because I’ll do anything to save you
    And the slamming doors
Because every day it rains
    And I’m the one to blame
my melody of the wdw album "the good times and the bad ones"


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