Peer Review by MarSan (Mexico)

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A Brick Foundation

By: Yellow Sweater

PROMPT: Dream Big

All writing is a form of deconstruction. Words are a semiotic representation of reality rather than reality itself.  We artists are ambitious, foolhardy, a little arrogant. We build dreams out of brick and mortar. My imagination is like an old quilt, cut-cloth details and applique. Sometimes the stitching comes loose and I can see my stuffing spilling out. 

With a body like mine, it’s worth the futility. I’m nothing but a scarecrow anyway. And confined to a sweaty bed, where else do I have to go but inwards, outwards, into the dreamworld? 

I like to picture my past, to perfect it. 

I’m a three year old math prodigy. We move to a hippy commune when I’m six. My dad’s an entrepreneur. We stay in a castle in Provence that one summer. I’m published in the New York Times. I get accepted into the University of Chicago. I win a Nobel Prize!  

All I really want is to breathe the spring air, and to run, leaving my scarecrow-body behind. 

Peer Review

AAAH, definitely wasnt expecting this from the prompt haha. It is such a sober outlook on dreams, which is why the two last paragraphs hit so hard. I really hope you achieve your future and present dreams. I hope you make peace with the past ones.

I'm so curious about your perspective on art, how it behaves, how it's built. That, and memory.

Reviewer Comments

I apologize thoroughly for any awkward sentences, I am very much sleep-deprived. However!!! I love the way you construct your setting, and especially the tone. It's really present??? I can hear your voice, is what I think I'm trying to say. I'll be checking out the rest of your work!! <3 Keep up the amazing pieces :)