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feelings fade
when you refuse to set fire
to the little things.

-perry poetry

the monsters within

March 31, 2021


she looks at the world in a cold gloomy stare
slowly pacing through clouds of death she's aware
reaching a point to where there's a cliff
thinking of creatures, a mind can be stiff
hurrying now hurrying she now is afraid
that the monsters will take her she needs to evade
running while tripping it's surely a pain
she now sees the monster standing in rain
a little girl looked at the world with a smile
goodbye to her voyage the trip was quite vile

this was something i made a few weeks ago, decided to revise and repost (may revise more)


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  • March 31, 2021 - 2:32pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Nyla

    I love this so much!! You're saying my rhymes were awesome? These were the awesomest!!! And the way you got each line to be so close in length was just another amazing touch on this incredible story! Aaliyahh I love this sooo much!! "she now sees the monster standing in rain" was so eerie and I could really imagine it!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Awww thank youuu so so much!!! And omg don’t worry at all!! I don’t expect you to sit by your computer all day XD I’m just here to talk when you can :) awww that’s good! Do you like history? I find it really interesting but, it is a ton of work! Also haha no there’s only one flavour- it’s kind of like whipping cream but also not and way better!! And ooh yeah! Ohhhh haha it could be Game of Thrones, I think they have quite unique names on that show! Cool! And haha no there really aren’t that many for kids at least- well I guess we generally just watched Disney shows growing up and those are all American! And haha lol, it really isn’t that different! Oooh lucky! OOOH awesome!!! Yeah, I really like big rollercoasters too! Well, I kind of have mixed feelings- I will always go on them and enjoy them but I’ll also be praying that I don’t die the whole time XD There’s this one here called Yukon Striker that is really awesome where you go down at this really sharp drop and before you drop, you have to see the view for a few seconds so you wait and then drop- oh and it’s super fast! HAHA loll, it really is the most Canadian thing possible but yes, they are so yummy, if you ever come to Canada you have to try one! And mmm yummy! And hahah sameee! And haha yes, and omg no worries- you’re only in grade 8! It wasn’t until halfway through grade 9 that I read her book Pride and Prejudice (best book ever, ultimate love story). She uses very tough language! Oooh yes, you’ll love it! Oooh, you like volleyball? I’ve always found it really fun but I was never the best XD!

    Haha! (Dw, leave it to me to think of the next question) Ooooh alright let me think, hmmm, I would have to say Tom Holland- why did that take me so long to think of, I always say him! He’s just so sweet and amazing and ;)! What about you? And haha awww, no worries at all! I love talking to you when you get a chance but don’t stretch yourself too thin!! (Plus I took ages to respond to this as well) :)) Have a great day <3

    6 months ago