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February 25, 2021


write about what makes you different from everyone else in the world (by AbellePuppy34

    The one thing I truly feel like makes me different is my capacity to produce and compose music. I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. When I started to play the piano, I remember this feeling of pure happiness. There is almost nothing as liberating as sitting down at a laptop, a keyboard, and a notebook and knowing that you can create something no one has before. In music, there is nothing but you, the melody, and the lyrics.
    Everything about the song is personal. It’s one of the most intimate things I can think of. Making a song from nothing is like baring your soul and putting it on display. You are taking experience and feelings from no one but yourself and putting next to a layering of beats and notes that no one but you has created. There is nothing I love more about myself than the fact that I can do this. Everyone can do this, but no one’s music will ever sound the same. That’s what I love about it. You can write a song and I can write a song but they will never sound the same because of who we are as people. Our experiences, emotions, and lives shape us, and, as a result, shape our music.
    I can change someone’s mind, someone’s mood, someone’s life with my music. That knowledge is more powerful than any type of physical power. That's the one thing that sets me apart. That I can make a song and you can make a song but they will hold different connotations and different meanings. And that will never change.
I'm doing the mid-february free writing here bc it wouldn't let me do it again :)


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