HP House: Slytherin
I play:
- sports (soccer, basketball, tennis)
- instruments (piano, violin)
- Call of Duty
- with rules
- with life
- with fire (not literally)
- with words
Started: February 2021

Message from Writer

To start off, thank you for noticing my page in the first place!
I love writing, and I write any and all topics and genres. I am definitely not the best out there, but I still thank you for appreciating my works!
Please please please feel free to comment and write reviews on my works!

Before I die . . . Part 2

March 6, 2021

PROMPT: The Drabble

Before I die, I want to ____. 

She reads every answer written on the wall. She's already crossed the English language barrier, and now she knows the language like the back of her hand. Stop using Spanish helps.
She thought by diving into America, surrounding herself with America, she could finally be free. But no, on the other side of the border, her family is waiting. Her family, who she abandoned in pursuit of "life, liberty, and happiness." No, she can't forget. She writes her own answer in a pretty cursive. 

Before I die, I want to irme a casa.  
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or review if you feel like i can improve! 
This is a Mexican girl who studies college in America. An international student who doesn't admit it but still longs for her home. Any thoughts?
Sorry I forgot to change the footnotes on the other work. I know it's really confusing and I don't know how to delete that wrong version. Any suggestions are welcomed with open arms!

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