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Started: February 2021

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To start off, thank you for noticing my page in the first place!
I love writing, and I write any and all topics and genres. I am definitely not the best out there, but I still thank you for appreciating my works!
Please please please feel free to comment and write reviews on my works!

Before I die . . . Part 2

March 1, 2021

PROMPT: The Drabble

Before I die, I want to ____. 

That's what's written on that same wall he passes by everyday when he goes to school. And every time he had passed it was with those friends of his who never pay attention to things other than those NBA stars. But he notices it every time.

Today, his very last day, he's heading home alone. Not that it matters anymore. He stands there in the vacant park. Emotions suddenly flood his mind like a kaleidoscope. He scribbles his response on and smiles. They'll know. 

Before I die, I want to let you know.  
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or review if you feel like i can improve! 
To clarify, when I wrote this piece, I was thinking about this boy having an incurable disease that was killing him slowly and painlessly. His normal friends never saw him differently because of this disease, but he still couldn't work up the courage to tell them that he time had come. Did you have different interpretation of this story?

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  • anemoia (#words)

    THAT HOOKED ME THE SECOND I SAW IT. i don't know how i interpreted it, tbh, but i liked it. i probably wouldn't have gotten the idea of him having an incurable disease, though.

    2 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    Referring to your footnotes, that was my interpretation of the character, either that or that he was committing suicide. However I do think that you could write it in a way that would make the disease a little more obvious but not enough to full take away the sense of mystery that this piece holds. Maybe add in something about his time running out gradually, though I know thats hard to do with the 100 word limit, and this is just my opinion so you don't have to take any of it. Great work, I really enjoyed it!!

    2 months ago