I'm Issy.
I'm 14 and an aspiring artist and author.
Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
Murder mystery TV shows
Shakespeare poetry
I can't even be bothered writing them all down
Have a nice day

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Remember to write even if you think you are bad at it, you're not

Prologue: A Grey Cat

February 24, 2021


The morning air is crisp and cold as Amber walks along the cracked footpath, withdrawn from the world and hurrying. A twig cracking underfoot is almost enough to make the teenager leap. She curses herself for being so on-edge and quickens her pace until she's almost sprinting. Maybe she should have left yesterday after all. The inky night would have hidden her longer. 
    A grey cat wanders carelessly past a barked BMW. The cat licks her paws, stopping in amber way and mewing plaintively, gazing up  at the quickly fading darkness. 
    The sun on the horizon glows the colour of an autumn leaf, edging upwards tentatively. It bathes the empty street in golden light, and the atmosphere quickly become filled with anticipation. Something's going to happen. 


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  • BriRiley

    Haha ikr? I’m homeschooled but that still happens to me when I’m with other people XD *inserts embarrassed emoji*

    3 months ago
  • BriRiley


    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    See I meant to sai I do XD

    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Re: do that allll theee timeee!!! XD and then you read it after and then silently smack your head in embarrassment XD

    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Wow this sounds like an awesome story! I can’t wait to read more!! XD Are you going to continue the story?

    3 months ago