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Poetry to me
is stumbling around
in the dark
trying to find the right words
to describe
the feeling
I get when she
smiles in her sleep

TW: Anxiety Attack

February 24, 2021


 bounced my leg, glancing feverishly around the crowded area. My stomach continues to sink as time goes on. A familiar shade of green comes rushing around the corner. I spotted the small girl, in the army green hoodie I gave her on her last visit. 
I see her look of desperation when I stand up from my chair. I see her pick up her pace, trying to push through the crowd of people between us. I grab my coat from behind me.
She reaches me and wraps her arms around my waist, I feel her small frame shake with a sob into my shirt. 
“Honey, Honey It's ok It's gonna be ok” I whisper, hugging her shoulders tightly, I bury my face in her hair. Silent tears already streaming down my cheeks. Her breath begins to catch. She shudders trying to force air in her lungs, trying to control her hiccups. 
“It's ok It's ok Just breathe baby. Breath” I beg “Breath, Mia Honey you gotta breath” 
    “I-(Hiccup) I can’t” She forces the words through her teeth, trying to hold in everything.
I begin to panic, looking around for a place to sit down, somewhere private. I see a hallway, leading to a handicap bathroom. 
    “Come on baby let’s go over here, It's ok” I try to guide her shaking form to the hallway. 
I didn't care that people were staring at us, both with empathy and contempt. 
    I quickly shut the door behind us, quickly turning to the trembling girl in front of me. 
“Mia sweetie. You gotta breathe ok do it for me baby breath.” I set her in my lap, stroking her hair.
Her breathing started to ease as the attack passed. We sat on the floor of the bathroom holding each other. We knew our lives would never be the same. 
Mia’s brother, my best friend was injured by a drunk driver, while they were on their way to our apartment. He had several broken bones and possibly brain damage.
I did a drawing with a friend of different emotions and locations, mine was anxiety and airport. The end is a bit messy but I like the main concept


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1 Comment
  • Paisley Blue

    ooooh i do like this a lot
    the ending seems a little out of place, but i think it fits...? idk. it seems a little unpolished compared to the rest. but the emotions here are perfect--i started breathing a little quicker just reading this!!
    hope you're doing well!! :)

    2 months ago