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charlie - he/they - 16
music | poetry | psych | 東方
the delicacy i strive to write with serves to hide the fact im permanently yelling
summer is a feeling i hope draws near soon~

Message to Readers

my relationship with my work and poetry is really positive i swear shgalskdjfsldkfjklxdfkj
this is a personal piece though i hope a few others can relate to it in the sense that the experience im describing isn't all that uncommon amongst people ive met. i do crave a sort of firey criticism as i perform and in my writing, im unsure of how ill be heard
or perceived though i want to bring it into the world anyway.
as always im charlie, and im elated at the thought of someone reading this far!

i once wrote couplets then matured a bit
the me of today writes quatrains
i would like to mature and feel confident in writing an octive
though quatrains much satisfy me for now

lovely day!

velvet curtains

February 25, 2021


immobilized, i reverberate with unsure vibrato, while spotlights brazen an unsympathetic throat
a wintry voice crackles and thaws under the multicolored reflections on critical eyes
again today, in this empty theater, you'll be deceived with a performance of transparent duplicity
this sort of future, marionette-like feelings, such a façade would do well with a sneering crowd


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