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remember me just like this

February 24, 2021


my foot tapping as I strum chords
the way I rub my collarbone when I'm stressed
how I go to thrift stores just to distress oversized tshirts
my notebook full of half-written lyrics
how I go for long drives when I can't sleep
the way my nose crinkles when I'm embarrassed
the love I have for children and my future ones
my passion for travel
my laugh when we roll the windows down
how I sleep with the covers pulled over my head
the venom in my words when I'm angry
the way I look at you when we fight
how I listen to NF when I get upset
my fear of being replaced
remember me just like this
the way I am


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  • crow_e

    lovely imagery!

    3 months ago
  • SamRose

    I absolutely love this! It is beautiful!

    3 months ago