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The Shores of Gold

March 25, 2021


There was coast old,
that many called victory's hold,
it had quite a simple name,
The Shores of Gold...

Sandy beaches of doubloons,
shined and shimmered,
that oh so beautiful glimmer.
on to the Shores of Gold...

Far out of many pirates reaches,
those oh so shiny beaches,
far beyond the panic and strife,
of the Sea of Thieves.

Many sailed through gunpowder smoke,
on through the krakens choke,
on through the teeth and snare,
on to the Shores of Gold...

And many were stopped,
right at the door.
Many were turned around 
with nothing more.

Those many gave in
to the krakens embrace.
They never reached,
those golden shores.

Until two pirates,
young and fair,
said their prayers,
and sailed to that
treacherous shore.
Onward!, they said,
Onward!, they went,
On to the glimmering

Those two pirates,
left there cage.
They sailed,
to victory's hold,

On to the Shores of Gold...

This is a follow up to my previous poem "The Sea of Thieves". This one was a little harder to crank out, but I hope you enjoy!:D


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1 Comment
  • pyrrhic

    ooo i like this! it almost reads as like... a folk song? does that make sense? i don't know, but that's just kind of the vibe i get from it. well done!

    about 1 month ago