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Black Lives matter.
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Little People (Part One)

February 24, 2021


The people aren't real. They can't think. They're just lifeless pieces of clay, my job being to make sure they function as a thing to create the new magic school. At least, I don't think they can think. 
    I drizzle some creativity into this one, a visionary. She has copper hair and gun-metal-blue eyes, with a figure the size and shape of a doll. A little one, like a corn-doll. Of course, with creativity, I give her a sense of self-worth; without any she would never accomplish anything. But, as is always the fear with a healthy sense of self-worth and a good idea of one's abilities, she has  to fear being boastful. Otherwise, the other little people may reject her as a doll or honks her own mini-horn. 
    The morning sun streams into my workshop, flowing over the red-wood surface of my old desk. Something catches the light and sparkles and glows as bright as the north star. It's a miniature clarinet which I created for fun. Up until now, it had no purpose. This gives me an idea. 
    The workshop smells of paint and the dust that has settles on less-used surfaces. I brush a strand of hair out of my eyes, trying to concentrate on the task at hand. I pour some sunshine into the next project, stirring the now golden mixture around the little stone bowl with a spoon. I add a dash of confidence, but I accidently pour too much. This is going to be one hell of a confident creature. I decide not to add a fear of rejection, mostly because I used too much on the last one and now this bottle has run out and I can't be bothered getting more from the store down the road. 
    The mixture solidifies when I add some friendliness, so it's a workable clay, which leaves golden traces all over my moon-white hands. I shape her, petit, even for a doll, with radiant blonde hair, freckles, and amber eyes. 


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  • Alias 3

    Love the creativity in this piece!

    3 months ago