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I'll do my best to start using these. :D /hopeful

Tone indicators informational piece but with the actual indicators in it! (Please read the piece linked in footnotes before this)

February 23, 2021



    Hey guys! /friendly /lh I'm here to break down a handy little thing called tone indicators. A little context first. Everyone knows that it can be hard to understand what people are saying when they're on the internet. /g Text on a screen doesn't always convey emotion very well. People have tried to solve this issue with the use of emojis, capitalization, and things of the sort. One extremely useful tool is tone indicators.
    Tone indicators are a little addition to a sentence, message, comment (etc) that indicate the tone that the previous text is trying to convey (it's almost like that's what their name says! /lh). Some commonly used tone indicators are:
  • "/lh" --> light-hearted
  • "/p" --> platonic
  • "/srs" --> serious
  • "g" --> genuine
  • "s" --> sarcastic
  • "j" --> joking
  • "hj" --> half-joking
    Now, you may be thinking I've never had much trouble understanding people, even on the internet. I totally need to use these dumb things. /s / annoyed However, please hear me out. Many autistic people have expressed how incredibly helpful tone indicators are for them. Autistic people can have trouble understanding the subtleties in conversation. /srs When we use tone indicators, it makes it much easier for them. I do not have a diagnosis of autism, but I actually find myself experiencing similar confusion, and tone indicators have made it a lot easier for me to communicate effectively.
    To sum it all up, the internet is hard, especially for autistic people, and tone indicators can help all of us understand each other with much less hassle. Please add them to comments, footnotes, and other spaces on the internet when your text is less than straightforward. Thank you! I love you all! /p /excited


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