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Message to Readers

one of the songs i've been working on; lmk which title you like better - potential love song or shadows
thanks for reading; enjoy :)

potential love song (shadows)

February 23, 2021


so beautiful, so dangerous
the story starts
a month before December
I was wearing an oversized sweater
I caught your eye
and by January
you called me mine
the shadows of our love
keep me up at night
I see you walk away in my nightmares
we were so beautiful, so dangerous
we were the toxic kind of love
you can’t ignore
we were so foolish, so stupid
to think we could ignore
the shadows of our love
you were the kind I wanted to love
the sun in my sky
I was the kind you wanted to have
a notch on your belt
so we made sense
I guess
the story starts
a month before December


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