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Message to Readers

an extract from a novel idea that is living in my head rent free
whenever im procrastinating i just write random lil extracts and this is one of themm
this novel wont become more than a few random extracts but its still fun to get lost in a different world!

a tiny lil extract (:

February 24, 2021


Forrest stared at the ancient, startlingly young eyes and remembered,  just for a moment, that he was just a man. He did not carry the Old World within him like a curse, he was not the Past. He was just Cedro, a man plucked out of his time, with scars on his back and the ghost of tears in his eyes.

“You loved him” she says

“I barely knew him”

“But you still loved him”

He shakes his head again

“I thought, perhaps I would, perhaps I could”

He cannot tear his eyes away from the frozen face. 

“I kissed him. On the cheek, gently, as we stood in line, waiting for the Freeze. He didn’t say anything, just smiled. Smiled and smiled… we didn’t say anything. We didn’t need to… we had the whole of the future to figure things out. And now he’s dreaming and I’m living in a fucking nightmare”


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