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liking women is my favorite part of myself

i’m Paisley Blue’s #1 fan!
and yours, too, person reading this :)
apology twins with lochnessie!!
any pronouns

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you're not alone. you're loved. you're worth it. you're beautiful. i promise.

“I'll see you where the roads meet.” -Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

hold me like you never did, just one last time

February 23, 2021



circle my waist with your arms
as if i were about to fall of a cliff
secure me to your chest
as if you were scared to lose me

you were never scared you'd lose me
because you thought i'd never leave you
well, i'm sorry, but i'm going now
give me one last hug before i go?
something quick and easy before i finish getting ready for school... the first day i'm going back since like october. a little worried [really worried] but i think [hope] that i'll make it out okay.... heh...

i hope everyone is taking care of themselves, you deserve it <33


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