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Hi, I hope you are all doing well! Thank you so much for checking out my piece! Since I've recently have been enjoying writing song lyrics, I decided to write another one. This one is from the perspective of a person (not me) with anxiety/depression and their journey to overcoming it. Feel free to criticize - all feedback is super welcome, appreciated, and helpful! Have an amazing day/night :)


February 21, 2021




Don't you see
What you do to me
Breaking me to pieces
Bruising me beneath my skin
Never to be fixed

(Verse 1)
I put my life on the line and my heart on my sleeve
I'm like an open book, easy to read
I tell you my secrets and you take advantage
With your charm and deception
Using my insecurities as weapons against me
All of my compassion 
You use it as leverage with a dash of your aggression
And my intelligence gets twisted
Once you manipulate it with dumb logic
To convince me that I'm not needed
You think this is just a game, well actually it's serious
Since the frustration and misconception, you cause
Becomes my anxiety and depression

It’s not alright
To sit in this low point of my life
Yeah, it's not alright
That I got pictures of reasons to stop being
Stuck in my mind
But then I think how you’ll win if I give into my worst enemy, my head
Still, it's not alright
To sit in this low point of my life
(Verse 2) 

Tears stain my pillow
My phone is worst than any villain
The screen fills with the world's most perfect people
Insta models and TikTok dancers
Skinny and tan, pearly white smiles
Meanwhile, I sit on my bed
Doing nothing, but wasting my time, wasting my life
You want me to be someone I’m not
You want to change me so I can be your robot
But I'm done with being a victim of your crimes
And I'm not running, no today I'm fighting
Not for you, not for me, for my family who loves me
Cause I can't be the reason their hearts fill with sadness
No, I got to be the reason that they're happy 


So it's alright
To sit in this low point of my life
Yeah, it's alright
To accept what I've felt and what I've thought
But I keep pushing through
It's the only way to make sure I beat you
So it's alright
To sit in this low point of my life
(Verse 3) 

You're just a faint picture of the worst scenario
But I can prevent it from happening
I wield the power to change my destiny
To become legendary and make history
Yeah, so you will never win
Cause I've got my family and friends
And you're just some awful images
That I wish would disappear and never come again
Yeah, I hope you never win
Cause you've stolen enough from me
Taken some of my wildest dreams
Shattered me until I could hardly breathe
My head never stopped aching
I felt like my bones were literally breaking
But I still came out with the victory

So it's alright
To know I had a low point in my life
Yeah, it's alright
Cause I don't have regrets and I'm proud of who I am
So I won't stop living until it's not my decision
It's the only way I'll truly love me
So it's alright
To know I had a low point in my life

Yeah, it's alright
I've been broken to pieces
And I've hated everything
But I still am strong and you never were
You're long gone, but I'm alright
And I will never see a worthless thing
When I look in the mirror for the rest of my life
Yeah, I’m alright

Note: What I wrote in this song is not about me or anything that I'm dealing with. I wanted to write about anxiety and depression although I don't have either myself and I feel pretty well, considering the current status of the world. In case it isn't clear, the person in the song is talking to their own mind. Also, I wanted to write like a song/rap so the verses would be like a rap while the intro, outro, and chorus would be singing. Leave any feedback -- all criticism is welcome, appreciated, and super helpful! 


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  • Nyla

    Wow, I love how this was so empowering!! The lines flowed so well and there was such a powerful story here, I loved how there was a variety of rhyming and not. And it's really very true, the greatest enemy is our own minds. This part hit significantly hard, "Not for you, not for me, for my family who loves me/Cause I can't be the reason their hearts fill with sadness/No, I got to be the reason that they're happy " And the ending was amazing as well!! RE: Omg aww, thank you so much!! You're always soo sweet and totally brighten my day! And yeah- it's always really fun! Ooooh, that sounds like soo much fun! Aww that sucks but hopefully, you'll start it again :) And yesss! They are so much more exciting and I love getting attached to all the characters- it's like asking would you rather read a stand-alone book or a series? Obviously the series because there's just such beautiful character growth! Also nooo, don't worry, I love the side story!! Awww that's so sweet! I miss being able to go to the movie theater! Had some of the best memories there! And hahaha, lolll, that's like me with Parks and Rec right now! But don't feel bad, if it wasn't for COVID, instead of staying inside we could be hanging out with our friends! And yes! The Office is so amazing! It's awesome that there are 9 seasons and the way it's recorded all adds to how attached I get to the characters that the last season always makes me cry because they finally get their happy ever afters! And yes! Friends was amazing (although The Office is my go-to show). But Friends was just taken off of Netflix so I only got to watch it once through! :/ And oooh nice, I searched it up and it said it was streaming on CW but I forgot to check if there were previous seasons on Netflix- thank you! I think I'll start watching that once I finish Parks and Rec. Oooh and also I forgot to say but lately I've been watching Criminal Minds with my mum and wow- it is amazing! Also oooh this is a really tough one because I literally love so many subjects! I guess I would have to say science- I love drama but I didn't have space to take it this year and English is so constricting in what we're allowed to write about that makes me kind of hate it- plus the teacher makes or breaks that class! What about you?

    6 months ago
  • Blue Jay

    Verry good song again, you did a good job of describing them. Also, keep on writing, your work is amazing :)

    7 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    I love this so much!!! I am about to get tested for depression because I am 99% sure I have it and I have confirmed anxiety so this is really nice to read. I have a lot of pieces about my anxiety and depression so it's nice reading someone else's work about it even though you don't personally have either. You did the topic justice and I love it.

    Re: Thank you so much. It really is so much more relieving having it out there especially when no one judges. Ahahaha I forget words all the time it's so frustrating!

    7 months ago