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Symone Peltier


Born and raised in Northern Ontario


January 12, 2018


Friendship is laughter, crying, memory making, sharing food, and a special bond between two people. I think friendship is family. As youth, we feel we can be more open with our friends than with our family sometimes. However, we go to each "group" for a different purpose. We go to our family to find comfort and safety - to find people we can rely on that will always be there and care for us; we go to our friends for a good laugh and get advice for anything. Friendship is a close relationship between you and other people, or another person. If you're lucky enough, that friendship can last a LIFETIME.
Friendships aren't meant to benefit you. That's not a very healthy friendship. A friend isn't someone who will tell every other person about your problems... that's a snake. A friend doesn't get angry with you because you got an opportunity that they didn't. A friend doesn't ditch you as soon as they find someone "better" than you. A friend doesn't put down what you did on vacation, they don't change just because other people are around, they don't get mad because you left them on "read".
A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are and will be there to be happy with you on your happiest days, comfort you on your saddest days and vice-versa. Friends embarrass you, tease you, stalk your photos, take a million pictures of their foot until you run out of storage, and spam your Snapchat. Friends share food and pool their checks together to buy a ton of candies. 
​Sadly sometimes, these friendships can come to an end. It will be as sad as death and feel as though you're losing a part of yourself, some people will never feel complete again. Or it will take weeks - even YEARS to mend that wound - that's how important a friendship can be. 
​But then, just when you think everything is useless... you see them again! And you're able to retell stories, share even more food and make new memories. And for a moment, everything is great. 
Friendships always seem to find a way and that's just the beauty of it.  


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