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Black Lives matter.
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Rage, Love, Hurt

February 21, 2021


Rage boils inside each person
A merry, exuberant anger
And yet, each person covers it up
Cloaks it, makes themselves think 
They should be better

Love touches the heats of all
But they don't say so too much
Lest other's think them to attached
To face a greater fall 

When hurt and sadness cover you
Is when you truly crumble
And touch the bottom of the sea
And from great heights you'll tumble
To reach the place you think you must deserve 
A place where you are but a being
Who has been hurt
And there's nothing left to cover up or hide

So every day, you say you're alright

Feelings should be watered down
So people cannot see them
For people are too afraid to drown
In a world where no-one needs them

Every person touches up their appearance
And the way the present
For no-one wants someone 
Who stares too much
Or who dares not to repent
So everyone sees what others think
And not what others feel
And once again they try and try again not to feel


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  • BriRiley


    3 months ago
  • BriRiley

    Wow i love this! And its so true. society has made it so that if we show our true feeling we will be outcasts. You did a really goof job in writing this!

    3 months ago