Peer Review by Nyla (Canada)

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the winner takes it all

By: TerenNeret

PROMPT: The Drabble

This is it. The crystalline moment every teardrop and cough drop was for. Every midnight vocal lesson and three hour rehearsal under the blinding eye of the producers and her mother. She has nothing left to give, her battered mind an echo chamber refracting praise and hate. You've outdone yourself this time. But did she outshine the others? Her hands go clammy in the other contestants' weak grasp. A hollow show of solidarity. It's her or them. It has to be her. When is that damn host going to announce the results?

"And the winner is..."  
Her name isn't called. 

Message to Readers

As someone with over-writing tendencies, writing exactly 100 words was a struggle. I've always sympathised with runner ups, second places, those so close yet so far (*cough* Adam Lambert on the eighth season of American Idol, absolutely robbed *cough*). Here's my homage to all my second-place homies. You are all Adam Lamberts and One Directions to me.

Peer Review

I was saddened becuase it reminded me and put me back in all the times I was so excited for a competition that I'd practiced so hard, and so many hours for and then... lost. You do the best you can and yet, it's not enough and I think this piece got it across beautifully.

You somehow invoked so much emotion and put me right back in that situation in so few words. Your use of thoughts really helped get the mood across very quickly.

Reviewer Comments

I love how you describe the other contestant's grasp as weak, I think that kind of adds depth and makes you think, were they really strong enough to deserve the win? Great job!! :)