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I was born in Chile, raised in Utah, and I hope to someday write something worth reading. Be kind, seize the day, and love fearlessly.

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He, She, and I

May 25, 2015



My heart was hidden, but she touched it.

My heart was dead, but she uplifted it.

My heart was incurable, but she resurrected it.


She was wild, but he broke her.

She was defiant, but he mastered her.

She was vibrant, but he numbed her.


He left her, but I found him.

He pleaded, but I silenced him.

He struggled, but I finished him.


But then she left me, too.

I shifted around the stanzas so 'wild' is no longer in the first line. Sorry, prompt.


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1 Comment
  • Riley Noel

    I love the way the suspense and tension builds in this poem. I think the mystery of the narrator also adds a whole new dimension to the piece. Awesome job!!

    about 2 years ago