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I hope you have a mini-miracle today :)


February 19, 2021


I was too hurt 
and too busy to realize
that miracles
aren't always walking on water
or grand reunions
sometimes it can be as simple
as a shy smile
from a beautiful boy
on a Friday evening
in September
This is about a boy who I used to walk my dog with. It's about those first stages of meeting and getting to know someone, where the sparks fly and there's the promise of something new and exciting. I no longer talk to him but he was a godsend to me, he got me through one of the hardest periods of my life and made me feel visible again. It was like a miracle.


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  • nolongeractive

    Hey, Becca!
    This piece so magnificently magical and powerful and I love the message. Your talent is beyond words and I love the meaning of this piece. I love how it connects with the world and I love the word choice in it! Marvelous, as always!

    6 months ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    I love this it is so pretty. Please check out the series about my life.

    7 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Awwww this is so beautiful! I absolutely love the poem and love the footnotes and the message box too! <3
    Re: Thank you so much! Yes, I’d love to tell you more about Sri Lanka, and you should totally come visit soon.
    What to say, what to say? There’s a lot to say actually! XD How about I start with the weather? Sri Lanka is hot! Except for the monsoon season it’s usually sunny, warm and dry. The beaches have golden sand and the island is shaped like a tear drop; it’s nicknamed the “teardrop of the Indian Ocean” because of this. Another nickname is “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Ooooh and Sri Lanka is quite famous in Europe for tea. Have you ever tasted Sri Lankan tea? If you haven’t, you totally should, it’s delicious!
    I think Sri Lanka is awesome! But of course there’s bad stuff too. Personally, I find the culture and traditions very constricting. Most of GenZ thinks this too. Gender inequality is a huge problem here. Most people still hold on to the stereotype that girls should do housework while men should join the workforce. Girls are expected to show the least skin at all times and you’re looked down upon if you wear skinnies of shorts even in the blistering heat. :(
    And most older Sri Lankans don’t believe in the expression of love. It’s frowned upon to have a boyfriend and people are very very traditional when it comes to love and marriage.
    I live in the capital, Colombo. Here, things are distinctly westernised compared to the other parts of the country, so it’s better. :)
    How about you? Would you like to tell me a bit about where you live too?

    7 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    Re: Of course! Take your time there's no rush :) xx

    7 months ago
  • Zirong

    This is such a beautiful story omg...I'm sorry that you two no longer talk but it's really beautiful that you've already found at least one godsend in your life! And the message to readers is SO SO CUTE!!! Hope you can have a miracle today too Becca <3

    re: Haha that's so true about Libras XD It can be bad and good depending on the occasion haha. Sometimes I just hate myself when I try to weigh everything in order to make a "perfect" decision for some essentially insignificant stuff, but when it comes to life-changing decisions I feel lucky that I would handle them with careful deliberation :). I love star signs too -- they are so mysterious. But I don't know a lot about them. One of my friends is kinda an expert of that and I always ask her to tell me some interesting stuff XD
    Haha so you hate beer! I don't like it either(the taste is weird), and I can't help wondering why people would choose beer when there are so many nicer choices like milk and coffee?
    Wow travelling solo is absolutely cool -- you're so brave and independent! It sounds really scary to take off in a storm though...I don't hate airplanes but just feel kinda insecure on them every time I travel to some really far places. But appreciating the sky through the airplane window is definitely enjoyable(got a lot of photos of the sky in different colours in my phone :D) But I do love airports! You should definitely visit the Changi airport here in Singapore(after all, the best airport in the world *star eyes*)! About two years ago the airport was decorated in Harry Potter theme and I was so amazed. Now it should've been changed into something else but it's been a long long time since I last travelled so I'm not sure *sigh*.
    I'll let you know asap once it's posted here :3
    Yea when I heard it I woke up and smiled and then fell into sweet dreams again awww <3
    It will surely be an amazing experience to meet people from around the world and live in a city :) I'm not sure whether I will live away, coz it depends on which uni I go to, and I want to apply for both local unis and overseas unis(in the US and UK) But I guess I'd love to live on campus at least for the first year haha. Admittedly the noise is one of my concerns, but dorm life seems so much fun :D
    Okay, as for true love, I do believe it exists, and I believe it exists if people believe in it. Sometimes we just feel extremely attracted to someone for no reason right? Actually there are reasons, it's just we won't consciously notice them. I think everyone actually has a set of desires deep down the soul(shaped by our backgrounds, cultural environment etc.), which is not necessarily(and is always not) the same set of desires when we talk about our "types"(because most ppl just don't know a lot about themselves). The set of desires are the same as desires for beautiful clothes, good food etc. -- just in a human form. We naturally feel close to someone who matches these desires. And when it happens to be mutual attraction, true love is found :). And since I believe in fate(people are destined to possess their specific set of desires), we are surely "made for" someone whose desires are matched by us. However, if only mutual attractions can happen more frequently! And often the world is too huge to find the one and only *sigh*. In my opinion, true love does exist but is too rare to be believed in by most haha. The majority end up with someone they think they truly love but actually don't or whom they don't love at all but have to spend the rest of their life with because of some stupid social norms and expectations etc.
    As always, talking about love hurts more often than heals *sigh*.
    I really hope this makes sense, and wish you a great week ahead! <333

    7 months ago
  • Molly_

    Re; haha thank you! Honestly, if anyone in the world was to be the Doctor, it would be that man!
    This piece is so poignant and quite simply really cute! I love it :)

    7 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Yeah I hope so too this time :( I appreciate the thoughts :)

    7 months ago
  • Toikupu~est

    Made me think of Jennifer Beals, somehow

    7 months ago
  • Toikupu~est

    Mini- and grandiose-miracles for life, Parisienne!
    This is adorable, and definitely emits what you mean in the footnotes. Made my heart jolt just a little bit *

    7 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    This is incredible and oh so true! Something so simple can mean everything. I'm sorry you don't talk anymore but I'm glad you had that experience and that he helped you through things. As to your message that you hope we all have a mini-miracle today I think I did. I hung out with three of my best friends and danced most of the night which was incredible and really helped put us all in a better mood.

    Re: Music really is amazing. I wrote it about Harry Styles lol he's quite literally saved my life. He and Louis Tomlinson. Every time I fall into that pit and I want to end it all I think of them. They save me from me every single day. I love the UK and I have for years but I've never been. I've literally been wanting to move there since the second grade. America has its interesting aspects. I guess I should be more appreciative of everything but I'm just bored of it and I want to leave. 3 more years until I graduate and then I'm packing up with my best friend and we're moving lol There are a lot of tourist sites that are really pretty. I've always wanted to go to some of the national parks and things like that. Nope, no bareback for me I have no coordination so that would be a terrible plan for me. Ah, but if only I could. Horses are beautiful creatures. They're so majestic without even trying. You're right it does come with age and I hope at some point I can get there. Right now I'm just really struggling. I barely eat, I barely sleep, and to be entirely honest I hate myself. I'm not that outgoing until I warm up to people and I don't open up that easily unless it's through song or to strangers (no offense I love you don't get me wrong) but idk I only really open up to my best friend. She knows everything about me including things I don't even know. She helped me come out to a few of my friends as sexually fluid and defends my sexuality when people try to label me as bisexual. I just can't wait for everything to get easier. London sounds amazing and from everything I've seen and researched, it's absolutely stunning. I can't wait to move and try a ton of different foods and go to different places and decorate a flat. Accents are so cute! I love a British accent they're so beautiful. I'm sure your's is perfect. American accents are kind of wonky. There are certain words that I'm convinced are just impossible to say while talking normally. But I like that depending on where you go there are different accents. Ugh I want to see them so bad I'm obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. The sky in general. It's just so beautiful. That sounds like the most perfect thing to do. Thank you so much I hope you are too Becca :))

    7 months ago