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Chapter three to my crash course story~ Oceans and Oceans

February 19, 2021


Chapter Three

I woke up to my typical morning alarm clock screeches, one I had made myself. It was a bunch of wires connected to a ringer with an installed timer inside. There was a small stopper at the top to reset the timer, but I just chuck it at the wall, and it shuts up. I got and dressed in my all-famous stained white T-shirt and ripped up overalls. I tried to comb my hair, but like any other attempt, the teeth of it just stuck in my tangled blond curls, and I had to yank it back out. I hear a chime from my front door.

"Hey, Tyson, you up yet?" I hear Jesse call out. I jog out of my make-shift bathroom and maneuver through the curtain that separates my house and the storefront. At first, I just stared at her. Then the smell hit me. It was of fresh waffles, the absolute best smell in the entire world.

Jesse beamed. "Vida saw me head over and forced me to take some for you because she knew how much you love them." Maybe today won't suck like most days.

"And, in return for giving you these amazing things in one piece, could you drive me to school? It
started raining about five minutes ago, and I was hoping to make it with my clothes dry. I laughed at her pleading.

"Of course, as long as you don't mind being squished in with my boyfriend, Charlie." Jesse shook her head.

Charlie only lives a block away, and we get to the school in appropriate time. The three of us walk to the high school. We pass Mrs. Miles, our assistant principal, on our way into the building. She gives us a stare as we step past her. Even though our school is supposed to support LGBTQ+, Charlie and I still have a tough time. We head to the cafeteria, and I chow down on Vida's waffles. I offer Charlie and Jesse some, but they politely decline. After a few minutes, Vida finds us and leads Jesse away to show her the library. I finish all five waffles before the bell. In homeroom, we melt into the shadows of a corner in the back. I don't think Mr. Smith minds much. He's one of those chill teachers who rarely yells. Two years back, at the start of the year, he saved my butt from some seniors bent on teaching Charlie and I a lesson on gay love in 'their' high school. My thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Smith called for order.

"It has come to my attention that there will be a fire drill in roughly ten minutes. Therefore, the first period is a quarter short of a normal class time" At this, most of the class cheered and clapped. I had trigonometry after this, and I had to be Charlie-less too. So, a few extra minutes with my angelic boyfriend was okay with me, even if it meant standing outside for twenty-five minutes. I turned to grin at Charlie, but he was frowning and shaking his head.

"What's up? I'd think you would enjoy a little time outside of Ms. McCormack's class." He looked at me but then returned his eyes to the wall.

"Casey Dunning said he was going to punch my brains out if he saw me today."

"Why?!” I yelp, quite shocked.

"I didn't let him copy me for our project yesterday," I laugh.

"Yeah, right, like he's going to be able to take you with me standing right there."

"Come on, Tyson! No offense, but that isn't going to stop him." I nod and reach for his hand.

"Well, that won't stop me from swinging some fists." Charlie shakes his head, and my face falls into a
confused look. He couldn't fight anyone even if his life could be on the line.

"I don't want you to get hurt." He paused and stared into my eyes, "Or suspended." I can't help protesting.

"But Charlie, I can fight, and you can't, we both know it. If I can't protect you, you're going to be the one getting hurt." Charlie opens his mouth to say something, but then the siren began to scream, and everyone rushed into the hallway. I kept an eye out for Dunning, yet I didn't see him. I turned around to tell Charlie, but he's gone. I cuss.

Damn it, Tyson, you're getting worse. I think to myself. I stop suddenly scanning the mass of people for any flailing arms or hear any muffled yells. There! I see his left boot disappear behind the south entrance. I shove my way through the tide of people as they head in the opposite direction. Mrs. Larson, my English teacher, tries to yank me around, but I duck her arm and keep moving. I finally reach my destination and listen for any noises. There's a bang, like the sound of a fist hitting metal. I race down the corridor and into the gym. I hear a shout from the boy's locker room, and I slowly slip through the door. I creep behind a row of lockers and peer around one side. Casey's back is to me, but Charlie sees my head, and his brown eyes widen slightly. Luckily, Casey doesn't notice and continues to swing at him.

"C'mon, Davis, I thought you knew how to take a punch. Or you're too soft after seeing your mother die. Oh, how sad it was." He teased. I cringed and could tell it stung Charlie. He isn't one to cry, but I knew her death was still a touchy subject for him. Dunning's words freeze Charlie up, and Casey lands another blow to his stomach. Charlie hits the tiled floor hard, and I almost abandon my hiding spot to help him. I hold my ground and stay hidden. I didn't have to wait long though, once Charlie regained his feet, he mimicked a face of fear.

"Coach Newton! I—I can explain!" He phrased it so well even the slickest bully fell for the simple trick. Casey turned mid-punch. I took my opportunity and punched him squarely in the jaw. I step-side his attempts to hit me back and shouldered him into the lockers. He groaned and fell to the floor. Charlie finished with a blow to Casey's ribs. I winced because Charlie was wearing his combat boots; those beauties hurt like hell. He gave me a peck on the cheek as we walk out. His affection distracted me, and I didn't notice Casey was still conscious. Charlie yelled, and I turned around. Big mistake. Casey's fist connects with my nose, and I can feel it swell as if it's a balloon filling with water. Blood spouts like a waterfall down my chin and neck. My frustration bubbles over, and a howl erupts from my red-stained lips. Before I know what, I'm doing, punch after punch rain down onto Casey. Charlie pleads me to stop, but I don't listen. Dunning somehow got back up, and now it is a full-on fistfight. Charlie yells my name again, and this time I stop. Coach Newton is standing beside him with a disapproving look on his wrinkly face.

He sighs, "I thought better of you, Mr. Conner, and you too, Mr. Dunning. The situation at hand is beyond me, so I must report both of you. Maybe a little suspension for you two may teach yourselves
fistfights are not permitted here." He gives us another frown and walks away. I glance at Charlie.

"Babe-I..." What could I say? I'd the exact thing he didn't want me to do, mess with Casey. Charlie had told me he didn't want any more suspensions. I'd failed, and the price was weighing on me. Charlie gave a long exhale and leaves for his next class. Casey and I are the final two in the locker room; he mutters something I couldn't hear and stumble-walked out. That left me alone and mad. I hit a locker, and the sound vibrated off the walls. I stomp out of the door fuming at myself and Casey's stupid face for making me want to punch it. I don't remember my busted nose until I'm to the office. I stop at a bathroom and attempt to get the dried blood off me. I didn't want to walk in looking like I'd just killed someone.


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  • barelybear

    Re: hehe I got sidetracked by lessons halfway through my backwards read-a-thon, up but I’m back!! Awh I love this guy :D
    And now I can really appreciate the foreshadowing in that last line ahah c:

    about 1 month ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Where can I find a good man like that?!?

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  • Halopoet

    I love how you wrote the fight scene, the descrpitions are soo intense!

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  • nolongeractive

    Re: WOW!! Thanks so much, that means everything to me. Thanks for the kind words, and this is sooo good and the ending really had me shook.

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    Chapter Three about my life is out. Chapter four will be coming sooooon

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    As a tribute to wonderful followers like you I have started the series about my life. Please check it out, enjoy and give suggestions.

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    I’m so proud if you!! Also great writing:)

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    Haha yes I love that idea!! Oh gosh, I hope you are staying safe!
    Yeah, It's not too good down here!

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  • Lata.B

    OK first of all I love how you ended this chapter AND omg we got some intense scenes here! Ok phew!
    OH ALSO I actually wrote more to my story!! I finally got the chance! :)
    If your up for a bit of reading please take a look! Again thank you for your comment! <3

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