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I'm always looking to improve, so if you could check out my work and give critique, that'd be great!

"All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down." -Friedrich Nietzsche

What I Like in a Story: a general guide and a very lengthy response that belongs in a comment section somewhere but that i put too much time in so now it's here

February 27, 2021


Response to this thing that was posted on WtW, but put in a free writing entry because I spent wayy too long writing this, and it would be a shame to make it go to waste.

Can someone tell me in the comments what their favorite book is and what are some of their favorite things in books— plots or character types or whatever, i’m just very curious. - love, lise

So, here's my lengthy response:

Favorite books and authors
My favorite book is by far Les Miserables. I have eight copies of the book. Jane Eyre and Little Women are close seconds, for classics. I also enjoy reading thrillers and mysteries. For Christian works (I'm a Christian), I like Christian authors like Bill Myers and Ted Dekker.

While insane or just purely evil antagonists are pretty cool from time to time, I generally prefer complex villains. To take an example from Les Mis, guys like Javert. I don't like it when villains seemingly have no motivations. Another example, the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. While that book is a classic, I can't say I liked it all that much. I much prefer its prequel, Wicked (which wasn't made by FLB, so I guess it's technically fan-made, despite being a contemporary classic and musical), which delved into the backstory and motivations behind the Wicked Witch and giving us a more complex character, not just a "just-there" villain, who's just there to add a (however pathetic) layer of conflict.

I don't have a set 'criteria' or guidelines for things I want in a protagonist, but I think that if you wanted to make me like a character, one of the things you should do is give the character a flaw, something that they need to overcome. Whether it's a self-esteem issue, or their past, or something else -- give them something that they need to overcome within themselves. It makes them more human, more relatable and hey, it could add something to the plot.

There are other stuff to making a good protagonist, but because every character is different, I can't lay down ground rules or requirements, because depending on the character, things may or may not work. Adding a certain attribute may work on a certain character, but totally ruin another. And vice versa.  

I'm pretty open with plots, but I don't like too-cliche plots, or overused formulas (especially if the formulas are being used again and again by the same authors or filmmakers). As you might have picked up from the last sentence, I hate these in movies as well as books (which is why I've gone from a hardcore Disney fan to someone who just watched Disney for the popcorn). But there are some stories that get a cliche story and can still turn it into something epic, so I'm pretty open with plots in general.

Any. I love longer works because (when written well) they allow me to visualize stuff in my brain and fill in the details and other stuff that completes the picture. It's like watching a movie, but not. But lately I've discovered the power of shorter pieces of writing. To be able to communicate a message in just a few words or sentences can be very powerful when done right. 

Writing Style:
Honestly, different authors, different writing styles. I don't really care. But please -- unless you're doing it purposely, use good grammar. That's all.  

I hope this amused someone xD
Have a good day/night! 
Response to love, lise's thingamajig: 


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  • alyanna

    the irony when you tell people to use good grammar and then spell 'purposefully' as 'purposely' smh

    3 months ago
  • •TheVictoriousOne•

    BHAHAHHAHAHA I LOVE HOW LONG THE TITLE IS! Also, I dont have many requirements is just that im not too big of a fan of romance, but i adore fantasy, mystery and historical stufffff. :) Anywayssss, this was really descriptive so if any authors want to impress you, they can come here

    3 months ago