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What's His Name [Edited Lyrics]

March 14, 2021



I know you’re tired
Of hearing the same advice
But it works, ‘cause I’ve tried
A time or two to get over a guy

Dear girl, you’ve cried
Enough tears to fill the Mississippi
I’ve done it, along with you
And I’ve pulled myself together too

So wash your face
Dry your eyes
Put him outta your mind

Pick yourself up
For a pick-me-up
Stop waiting for his pick-up truck
Let’s lose ourselves in laughter ‘til you forget
Ol’ what’s his name
We’ll call up all our friends
You can dance in the arms of a new somebody
And ask him
What’s his name

Say, “Hey, cowboy, I’m still heartbroke
But if you wanna dance
Well, I’m not opposed 
Yeah, I suppose 
We can get to know one another
So, tell me, what’s your name?”

What you need, right now
Is to relax and just let go
Remember how we used to be
Don’t you miss this wild and free

So fix your hair
And lose the self-pity
‘Cause you’re worth more than that, honey

Pick yourself up 
For a pick-me-up
Stop watching for his pick-up truck
We’re losing ourselves in laughter ‘til you forget
Ol’ what’s his name
We’re calling up all our friends
You’re dancing in the arms of a new somebody
So ask him
What’s his name

He says, “Hey, little lady, I know you need time
But if you wanna talk
Well, I can bet 
That you won’t regret
If we get to know one another
So tell me, what’s your name?”


Oh, I realize
It feels just about impossible 
At the moment
To do anything beside lay there
But we both know
You won’t regret it
When you… 

Pick yourself up
For a pick-me-up
You stopped looking for his pick-up truck
We lost ourselves in laughter ‘til you forgot
Ol’ what’s his name
We called up all our friends
You danced in the arms of a new somebody
You asked him
What’s his name

Said, “Hey, cowboy, I ain’t too heartbroke
So if you wanna see me
Well, I’m not opposed
Yeah, I suppose
We can get to know one another
So tell me, what’s your name?”
2.27.21: Heavily revised and added to. Much thanks to BriRiley for her peer review! It helped reshape this song a lot.

Original Footnotes: I didn't mean to write a country song. Because this is definitely and fully country, not just in the lyrics, but how I want it to sound. But I was listening to The Greatest Hits Collection by Brooks & Dunn, and a line about "what's his name" caught my attention. And I love songs where a line has double meaning, like Carly Pearce's "Next Girl" and Maddie & Tae's "One Heart to Another." And this was born. 
It's kind of based on "Bathroom Floor" by Maddie & Tae.
I don't necessarily endorse anything in this song.

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  • ~ carolina ~ {formerly rosi willard}

    sorry, use this link:

    about 2 months ago
  • ~ carolina ~ {formerly rosi willard}

    about 2 months ago
  • almost flora kane

    i'm not a huge country fan, but i would love to listen to this song. the lyrics are so fun!

    2 months ago
  • zimmy_

    definitely maddie&tae, kelsea ballerini, chris janson, old dominion (even tho they aren't really country and more of a pop artist), luke combs, dan+shay and many others

    2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Still love this! It's so fun.

    2 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Well hand lettering is cool! I can’t do that. And hi, fellow Anna of Green Gables fan! You totally need to read the last couple books. The last one is my fave It’s so sad tho :(

    2 months ago