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"Young girls are told you have to be the delicate princess, Hermione taught them that you can be a warrior" -Emma Watson
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February 17, 2021


T: Technically it's a way to gain someone's respect
R: Recently it's been fuzzy for me, it's not what someone says
U: Unique, it is, because there's only one version that's actually right
T: Times like these we need it more than ever, not the sugarcoated version
H: Haunts you if you tell it wrong and gain the upper hand

it's something we think we have,
but in one moment,
can be taken away
like that.
It's not all
black and white, 
people twist it,
turn it, 
transform it,
morph it,
into something it's not.

I aspire
I need
the truth, 
the cold hard facts,
telling it straight
can hurt one 
but help another,
and maybe that's why
we're scared to say it.
It's not something we can buy,
something we can change,
cover up
or hide,
there's one true versions
around all the rest,
one huge blinding light,
shining through the rubble of dark,
one 6 foot wave,
towering over the ankle deep ones,
crushing you hard,
but you'll recover,
cause in your heart,
in all of our hearts,
we know it's been set right.

Gossip is a form of the 
(sometimes that is literal)
at our schools
it's swapped,
each time,
an ounce of truth,
making it more
a fairytale.
By the time it's made it's cycle,
there's no truth,
only fuzzy gray areas
and lies.
I don't like the gossip
the lies,
the truth hurts,
but it's right.
I think the truth does hurt sometimes, and sometimes we feel the need to change it to what we want it to be in our favor. It's hard to resist, but I try to resist it. Anywayssss, I'll be back to my A "Real" Girl series after this, I just feel like this was kind of a time to say so. Comment on your thoughts!


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  • one hundred forty-seven

    Re: Sure thing! Will do. I'm not feeling very well right now, so chapter two might be coming out later than I anticipated.
    Also, I just realized I forgot to reply to your last message!
    I'm really sorry you got shin splints. Do you supplement with things like calcium and magnesium? I noticed I was getting them less frequently when I started taking both a few years ago.
    Ah! Cool! What position do you prefer to play in soccer?
    For me, I'd say I identify most with writing. I guess that's because I'm cooped up right now, but I find it super fun. Odd thing is, I rarely tell people I write when I meet them. If they don't ask about my hobbies, then I don't mention it. Do you ever get the feeling that other people think writers are unrealistic hopeless romantics who are planning a trip to France someday? I think that's partly why I don't tell them... Ha!
    Yeah, I understand that. I'm sure what we identify with most does change a lot over our life times, and yet the things we leave behind never loose that aura of once being "our favorite thing to do."
    Wow! Okay, so you go surfing a lot in the summer! We don't live near any large bodies of water. I suppose I'm more of a forest girl, but the water does intrigue me!
    Hopefully you can still go to the beach this summer if you're planning on it, and the virus doesn't hinder that.

    3 months ago
  • xx carolina xx


    3 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Totally let me know if you ever write that sequel! XD

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    that acronym was golden.
    re: hm, kinda makes sense? i mean, from your bio, i see you're an ocean lover, a surfer, and dedicated athlete, so i see the socal influence. i'm a californian, but opposite from your typical socal girl. i guess because i'm from far northern cali. and there's not much surfing up here. somehow i don't think lakes and rivers cut it.
    to me, the bay area is not northern california. sacramento barely qualifies in my book, to give you a sense of what i mean. and i prefer mountains to beaches and deserts to coastlines. so i guess that's why i have that outro XD i can appreciate socal, but it's not my cup of tea. (i don't even like tea. i guess you could say that tea is not my cup of tea.)
    wow, that was awful. i'm sorry. at this point i'm rambling and making awful jokes. shutting up now.

    3 months ago
  • lucyyyy

    This is amazing! I totally agree with McK13 - it’s got a really beautiful depth to it. It flows really nicely as well.

    3 months ago
  • one hundred forty-seven

    Wow! I really like the acronym at the beginning! Good job!

    3 months ago
  • McK13

    This is so revealing, deep, and very true! I especially love the rhyming pattern and the repetition! And the way it starts with an acronym of TRUTH is so incredible and resonating! Very well done :)

    3 months ago
  • flying_elephant10

    re: that would be amazing, let me know when you finish!

    3 months ago