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the delicacy i strive to write with serves to hide the fact im permanently yelling
summer is a feeling i hope draws near soon~

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i want to try prismatic photography so badly aaaaaaaa i don't have much to say this quatrain is a WIP but it's current bones are certainly compelling!

a photo prismatic summertime album

February 17, 2021


a thousand years you've waited there
your index breaks the portrait
irrelative that moment
a gloved hand rests independently unsheathed

refracting past the border
dimensions crackle with your digits
only crystals hold your breath
your eye gleamed caught within that prism

a summertime crown
wilted prophetically in stillness
though it was only last year's season
i find you're only then

those refractions wholly ours
while your gift is not the present
uniquely bloomed inside that moment
as your index breaks the portrait
placing a prism in front of a camera lens can often leave artifacts of the image refracted and smeared throughout the photo, this can be called photo prismatic photography.


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  • useless :)

    oh i didn't know it was called prismatic photography but it sounds so cool!!
    also, this piece, wow...the imagery is gorgeous-
    "a summertime crown
    wilted prophetically in stillness"
    i'm in love with this line...i'm not sure why but something about your writing is so invigorating, you're able to capture ideas so clearly and they almost...come alive? idk if i'm explaining it correctly lol, but it's beautiful

    3 months ago