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One in Six

By: Savannah


One in six women are raped. Over 200 women are raped each day. If you say that it does not scare you, you're lying. As we grow up we start to see overthing unfold. Men are taught that it was not theirr fault, it was what she had on, or we were drunk. They are not taught how to respect women. Women learn from the age 13 how to take precautions so they will not be raped.  Men do not care enough to understand consent. Consent is not what she is wearing, how drunk she is, or if you make her too afraid to say no. In 31 states, if you have your rapest's child, they can sue for visitation rights. Everyday women do things to avoid men becuase honestly you can not tell whether he is just a man walking past or a potential rapest. America preaches that it is the land of the free, yet half of the population is too scared to walk alone after dark. 

Peer Review

Reviewer Comments

This story really makes you think twice about things, and how unfair people can still be to women.