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Kat Sparks

United States

An almost-adult from snow and sun country. Doesn't feel like growing up anytime soon or staying the same age forever, though.

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Is this a good idea for a story? Does the foreshadowing work?


May 11, 2015



She sat up and got out of bed in her apartment. She was tired. She had a headache. She conjectured: perhaps she should not have stayed awake through the night in order to complete her paper. She slowly walked out, mind not completely functional and in a daze.

The city in which she lived was too loud. Her head pounded as cars drove past (over the speed limit of 45), trains rushed by on the track (no doubt filled with commuters late for their 7 o'clock shift), and tall, tall buildings which blocked out the sun (query: what is the sun? What did it look like? Where was it? Summary: everything about a sun is unknown.) People walked by; some in a rush (still late for that early morning shift), others lackadaisical in their pace (it was the weekend; school was out though work was still on).

Finally, through no conscious fault of her own, she ended up in the abandoned part of her sector (with buildings that were declared structurally unsound as of day 164 in the year 3014), no people (the buildings were at a 73.6 percent chance of falling at all times), no sound (nothing living to produce the waves), and no light (as it had been since the last day of the year 2025, when buildings exceeded the height of 829.8 meters soundly and then continued to grow and grow and grow...Was the sun even real before all of that? No, it was not a falsehood. Records report one. Thus, there had to be some form of light somewhe-

She blinked as her brain seemed to shut down midthought (RECHARGE NECESSARY). She sunk down a nearby wall unseen, unheard, and unknown by all but the surrounding security cameras (no one would see her, no one would hear her, no one would ever find her, what had they been thinking?!) Her hand reached down (emergency button should be pressed in case of a dangerous accident) as her vision blacked out. As she faded, she conjectured: perhaps she should have recharged her battery last night.


Girl spotted in unused district 45, slumped against right wall in alley between Road 45-76 and 45-77. Eyes open but unseeing. No sign of electrical activity. Guard sent for with emergency button on scene. Guard hs secured girl and inow bringing her back to station. Hair has fallen over shoulder to show neck. Power button on neck blinking red.Girl's battery dead; new unit replacement for Unit #7659, former name Allison Daley, needed. Unit #7659 now placed in retirement. Destruction crew needed.


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