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To Mr. Moon

February 18, 2021


[Verse 1]
Disputing with Mr. Moon tonight,
With the stars as an audience
Reply back to me in silence, white
Noise sounds so glorious

[Instrumental Pre-Chorus]

Blue Moon, did you hear me cry tonight?
Did my voice reach you way up high?
Blue Moon, did you see the tears fall straight down
To my palms?
I've burned my palms

[After Chorus]
See me the way I see you
See me

[Verse 2]
Someone save me from myself
Feeling lost don't know what to do

Time flies so fast, I hate you
I'll meet death before I've met all of me

Blue Moon, did you hear me crying tonight?
Tell me how I can heal me
This world has broken me down
Blue Moon, do you know I'm hurting?

[Verse 3]
Blue Moon, I don't mean to put my burdens on you,
But I have nothing else to hide
I come forth with my heart open cause I find comfort in your sapphire blaze

[After Chorus]
See me the way I see you
See me


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  • Writing4Life

    Beautiful! Two suggestions though, one, sing louder, it's pretty hard to hear you, especially over the guitar, and two, maybe sing a little faster? You have quite long interludes between verses, so maybe make them a bit shorter? But anyway, congrats on being a finalist, and good work!

    2 months ago
  • astrea

    your voice and the melody is awesome! congrats on being a finalist!

    2 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    oh wow. amazing.

    3 months ago