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so i thank God for you

February 15, 2021



i figure it's about time I write a song about you
but i don't know what to say
there's so many ways i could praise you
so many compliments i could pay

but like every other love song
the listener never quite understands
the connection that exists between
two people who explore the thing called love

and even i don't understand
why i still hold on to you
and why i feel this way
why i want you this bad
or why i roll my eyes

i'm brimming with gratitude for you
i call you "babe" in my head
and i thank God that the ease 
between us has not ceased

words still flow with comfort
i'm not conforming to what i think you think
and i hope you don't either
even when i know i'm implying it
and i hate that i do it

because i love you.
i love you with philia.
i love you with ludus.
i even love you with eros.
and i love you with agape, that unexplainable love i desire to have and display to everyone
the kind that our Lord God exemplifies.

He brought you into my life
for reasons yet unknown
so i long to hold you tight
to cherish you the way you deserve
to glorify Him further
through loving you 
and loving life.
i might send this to my bf. idk. we didn't do anything for valentine's day... he never brought it up, i never did, and on Friday he was like, "sorry, i wasn't sure what you were thinking but i meant to bring you chocolate." (I MIGHT HAVE NEEDED THAT,YOU KNOW) and i think v-day is kinda mushy and commercialized and awkward anyway. and he agreed. i'd rather catch him off-guard with random thoughts that pop into my head. 


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Ooh I really like this. It's kinda raw but finely told. (okay we all secretly want v-day chocolate tho)

    3 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    I agree!
    Re: thanks for the advice, it’s late over here too, I’m hiding under my covers with the lights off to avoid suspicion as it’s nearly 11 now :)

    3 months ago